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Division of Facilities

Cleaning and Disinfecting Offices, Conference Rooms, Community Spaces and Break Rooms

Additional care should be taken by departments and individuals to wipe down commonly used surfaces. Before starting work and before leaving your work area, you are encouraged to wipe down all work areas with an appropriate cleaner & disinfectant. This includes surfaces in shared workspaces and any shared equipment such as:

  • work station surfaces/desks
  • copiers/printers
  • phones
  • computers/monitor controls, touch screens, keyboards, mouse
  • A/V, remote controls, microphones, screen controls
  • coffee makers, refrigerator handles and microwave handles
  • trash receptacle covers (as applicable)
  • chair backs and tables
  • light switches and door knobs
  • equipment and cart handles
  • tools/instruments
  • all other high touch points

It is not necessary to routinely apply disinfectants to surfaces that are not high-touch or high risk (e.g. bookcases, tops of filing cabinets, etc,).

Custodial services will clean offices and non-teaching labs weekly. Office trash and recycling will be removed from offices and non-teaching labs weekly by custodial services.

To request additional office services or decline services, email your custodial complex manager and supervisor or contact customer services at 532-6389.