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For Students

The Writing Center is a great resource for students in all fields of study. You can make an appointment online for assistance.

How we can help

Our peer tutors are here to work with you on any aspect of your paper at any point in the writing process. From brainstorming ideas to organization and grammar, we are here to give you the tools you need to improve as a writer. We are also more than happy to help with group projects.

What to bring

You are the most important ingredient, but a copy of the paper and the assignment guidelines are helpful, too.

What to (and not to) expect

Before the session, you'll be asked to fill out a quick form to give us a little background about who you are and what you are working on. Once you and your peer tutor have established some solid ground to start from, let the conversation begin! The important thing to keep in mind is our peer tutors are here to help you improve as a writer, not simply fix your paper for you.


The best way to schedule an appointment is to go to our online scheduling system: WCOnline. Take a couple of minutes to create an account and then make an appointment for a face-to-face appointment or get emailed feedback from a tutor regarding your work. The emailed feedback will offer suggestions and questions to address your concerns and help guide your revisions to your writing. You will receive emailed feedback within two business days.

If you are unable to find an appointment time that fits your schedule, you should still stop by the Writing Center and talk with a tutor! There is always a chance that an appointment could be cancelled at the last minute, or that more than one tutor could be available.