Writing Lab (ENGL 170)

If you enroll in Writing Lab (ENGL 170), you will receive regular, weekly assistance with your writing, along with 2 hours credit. During each 2-hour lab class, tutors work with no more than five students. The one-on-one attention allows you time to ask questions, as well as time to get your homework for your expository writing class finished.

Students enrolled in ENGL 170 find that the regular 2-hour session provides the structure that many students need to complete their writing assignments. Also, students find that staffers help them come up with topics, focus their essays, develop their ideas, organize supporting evidence, and learn editing strategies. Students also find that working in lab is a big confidence-booster.

The credit does not count toward graduation, but it is figured in with your semester total, which can be helpful for financial aid and scholarships. You will be billed for 2 credit hours, but it is a good value for your money.

How to enroll in Writing Lab:

To enroll in Writing Lab (ENGL 170), come to the Writing Center (English/Counseling Services Building 122D). A tutor will help you find a time to fit your schedule and process the paperwork for your enrollment.

For more information, contact:
Stacia Gray, Interim Writing Center Director
English/Counseling Services Building 123
532-6716, writing@ksu.edu