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Department of English

Alison Wheatley

Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences / Graduate Faculty
Ph.D. 1994, University of Virginia

Email: aliwheat@ksu.edu
Office: Calvin 107
Phone: (785) 532-6900

Fields of interest:
Modern British Literature; Classical to Modern Drama; Joseph Conrad; Humanities.

Alison Wheatley (Ph.D. University of Virginia, 1994) specializes in Modernist British Literature, in particular Joseph Conrad.  She has published numerous articles on Conrad’s plays, his narrative style, and his career, and on modern drama in such journals as Conradiana, the Journal of Narrative Theory, and Mosaic:  A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature. Other interests include drama, ancient to modern.  She has served as Assistant Dean for academic and student issues in the College of Arts and Sciences since 2002.