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Department of English

Jonathan Holden

HoldenUniversity Distinguished Professor in English, and Poet in Residence / Graduate Faculty
Ph.D. 1974, University of Colorado, Boulder

Website: www.jonathanholden.com
Email: jonhold@ksu.edu
Office: Eisenhower 22C
Phone: (785) 532-0388

Fields of interest:
20th Century Literature; Creative Writing (Poetry and Fiction)

Jonathan Holden is University Distinguished Professor of English and Poet-in-Residence at Kansas State University. A poet/critic, Dr. Holden's work includes The Old Formalism: Character in Contemporary American Poetry (U. Of Arkansas Press, 1999) and Knowing: New and Selected Poems, University of Arkansas Press, 2000. Dr. Holden has won numerous awards including the Devins Award for Design for a House (1972), The AWP Award for Leverage (1982), The Juniper Prize for The Names of the Rapids (1985) and The Vassar Miller Prize for The Sublime (1995). Dr. Holden has received two fellowships in Creative Writing, from the National Endowment for the Arts, one in Poetry ($5,000) and one in Creative Nonfiction Writing ($20,000). In 1997, his Guns and Boyhood in America: Memoir of Growing Up in the 50's, was published in the University of Michigan's Poets-on-Poetry series. In the year 2000, Holden was, with Anthony Hecht and Mary Karr, one of the three judges for The Pulitzer Prize in Poetry. His most recent work is a memoir, Mama's Boys: The Search for Identity of an Identical Twin, with Lewis-Clark Press. He is currently revising his final critical book On Moral Poetry.