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Department of English

Internships: Advertising


Interns: Zach Lawless (l) and Sean Lawless (r), Juniors, English

Workplace Supervisor: VerasityColab

Faculty Supervisors: Dr. Wendy Matlock and Dr. Katherine Karlin 

Course: ENGL 495

Semester: Summer 2018

Zach LawlessSean Lawless


VerasityColab is a video ad agency located in California. As interns on the company’s writing and creative teams, Zach and Sean designed and wrote scripts for several clients and advertisements. For example, Zach worked on a script for TurboTax’s new program Intuit TurboTax Live, detailing its functions for financial consultants. He also developed a script for Marsy’s Law, persuading voters and law makers to pass an amendment that would give more rights to crime victims. Sean worked on a script for Lawyers Mutual to celebrate the company’s 30-year anniversary. He also developed a promotional script for Help Shift, a digital content marketing company.

Zach very much enjoyed his internship. “Working for VerasityColab gave me experience in something I want to do in the future: to write for a living,” Zach said. “I was initially apprehensive about advertising and marketing, because I have always desired to write novels and fiction. After the internship, I now have a desire for script writing just like I do for fiction.” The internship taught Zach that editing is everything. “Make something and then edit it yourself, have your boss edit it, and then have the visual design guy edit it. After all that, edit it again. Don’t be afraid of criticism for that will drive your work ever closer to perfection.”  Zach’s supervisor Max thought highly of Zach’s contribution: “While interning with us, not once did I ask Zach to perform a single task, because every day he beat me to it. I’d find scripts in my inbox, revisions on my desk, ideas in my slack chat, etc... His ability to unpack the unique selling proposition of a product was refreshing, and watching his creative visions unfold was a delight.”

Sean felt his internship was as challenging as it was rewarding. The pressure and responsibilities of real clients and assignments can be huge at times, but so was the reward. “Working under experts in the field of advertising who then compliment you on your work was a true treat,” Sean said. What was particularly rewarding for Sean was representing VerasityColab and pitching his script to their client Lawyers Mutual. He was extremely nervous but very satisfied with the positive feedback he received. Sean’s supervisor Michelle was impressed with Sean’s progress: “Through his month and a half with us, Sean was able to hone his abilities in writing and creative collaboration, learn how to work under a deadline, and learn to give and accept feedback. Sean was a great asset to our writing team.”

Sean admitted that prior to the internship, he always feared that he would wind up working as a barista with an English degree. The internship dismissed his fear and gave him confidence in his degree and skills in the working world. Zach and Sean urge every English student at K-State to peruse an internship. “Don’t be afraid to work in an industry outside of your own wheelhouse,” they said. “If you land an internship, see if you can have it count as credit for your major or minor. Even if it won’t, which is unlikely, take the offer because the experience you gain from the job will be of great value.”  



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