Public Health

Engaged scholarship, teaching, and outreach that promote awareness and understanding of human and animal health throughout Kansas and the world. Engaged projects that impact human, animal, and community health locally, regionally, and globally and that influence and support public health practice.

Kansas State University is nationally recognized for its expertise and programs animal and human health. Animal health work ranges from research in zoonotic, emerging and reemerging infectious diseases, and livestock medicine. The College of Veterinary Medicine conducts research and education are occurring in anatomy and physiology, clinical sciences, diagnostic medicine/pathobiology. In addition to its leading role in animal health and medicine, Kansas State University also addresses public health issues ranging from prenatal care to aging issues to families and health. K-State resources in animal and human health include:

Presentations from the 2009 Health Colloquium: Engaging Health, Changing Lives

K-State hosted a health colloquium on October 29, 2009 in the Flint Hills room of the K-State Student Union. Some of the presentations can be viewed below (PowerPoint files).

Featured program

sunset Galichia Center on Aging

Through teaching, research, outreach, and service, the Galichia Center on Aging at Kansas State University strives to provide a focus on aging issues that orients the talents of the faculty and resources of the University towards identifying and addressing the challenges and opportunities of an aging society.

Community Health Institute

CHI's mission is to to understand and promote healthy behavior through innovative and sustainable community partnerships and capacity building; behavioral science prevention and intervention research; and, outcomes-based cooperative extension programming.

Sunflower Foundation

Walk Kansas for Kids

Walk Kansas for Kids is an eight-week physical activity program. It is a healthy and fun way to develop a more active lifestyle. Students are encouraged to get 60 minutes of physical activity five or more days a week. Walk Kansas for Kids is for youth in grades 1-6. Middle school students can also participate.

Kansas Health Foundation

Intergenerational Program for Older Adults and Children: Personal Actions to Health

The goal of the statewide PATH (Personal Actions to Health) program is to encourage older Kansans to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles. One approach to this goal is through encouraging interactions between PATH participants and the youth in their communities. Older adults are a tremendous community resource. They bring years of experience and wisdom to the community.

Kansas AgrAbility

Kansas AgrAbility is a K-State Research and Extension service project that assists farmers with disabilities and limitations, such as those caused by chronic disease, like arthritis.


Fireworks is an online course teaching principles for managing anger, especially in adult-child relationships, and improving anger management skills. A website was developed consisting of more than 200 web pages linked together in a "conversation" format. The purpose is to promote effective principles of anger management and the application of that knowledge to effective practices.

Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services

KAMS specialists provide initial information and guidance at no cost through a toll-free hotline (l-800-321-3276). A state-wide network of cooperating agencies and programs includes a pool of trained agricultural mediators, K-State Research and Extension financial consultants and Kansas Legal Services (KLS). The program's goal is to help resolve conflicts and disputes using mediation. Providing alternative dispute resolution opportunities for Kansas agricultural borrowers and creditors. Providing dispute resolution for farmers with non-credit issues concerning other USDA agencies (FSA, NRCS, FCI). Helping Kansas farmers facing financial adversity through the mediation process. Revitalizing the economic base of rural communities.

Kansas All-Hazards Behavioral Health Project

The purpose of the KAHBH Program is to establish a comprehensive, integrated and coordinated behavioral health plan to respond to environmental and human-caused disasters in the State of Kansas to minimize the adverse effects of stressful situations and/or traumatic events affecting citizens in the workplace and community.