One Health Kansas


Beth A. Montelone, Program Director, 785-532-6900,


onehealthOne Health Kansas promotes awareness and understanding of the interconnections among human, animal and environmental health. The outreach and education program is designed to help the citizens of Kansas understand and respond to emerging zoonotic diseases, globalization of the food system, blurring of the urban-suburban-rural interface, and many related challenges affecting the health of Kansas children and adults. One Health Kansas was developed by K-State in 2008 and is funded by the Kansas Health Foundation. It includes partnerships with three Kansas community colleges that jointly developed with K-State an introductory undergraduate public health course with funding from the US Department of Agriculture. The goals of One Health Kansas are aligned with the national alliance promoting the One Health Initiative, a concept endorsed by individuals recognized as thought leaders in public health policy. One Health promotes collaboration among veterinary, medical, and public health professionals based at institutions of higher education and within communities. The two major focus areas of One Health Kansas include:

-Building the pipeline of future public health professionals by extending public health education into K-12 schools, community colleges and undergraduate institutions across Kansas

-Providing broad and in-depth education for current and future public health professionals to develop a public health workforce capable of addressing emerging and re-emerging zoonotic diseases

We conduct K-12 outreach activities at various locations around the state, frequently in partnership with activities of the Girl Scouts and similar groups. We offer an annual summer workshop for secondary school teachers to familiarize them with One Health topics.



One Health Kansas

Program Partners:

Dodge City Community College, Johnson County Community College, Kansas City Kansas Community College, University of Kansas

Institutional Impact Area(s):

Biosecurity Research Institute, K-State College of Agriculture, K-State College of Arts & Sciences, K-State College of Education, K-State College of Human Ecology, K-State College of Veterinary Medicine, K-State Olathe, K-State Master of Public Health Program


K-12 students, parents, and teachers, undergraduate and graduate students at K-State and partner institutions, public health professionals, the general public


Animal Health, Public Health, K-State College of Agriculture, K-State College of Arts & Sciences, K-State College of Education, K-State Department of Human Ecology, K-State College of Veterinary Medecine