Ways To Engage


Learning beyond the classroom- Offers students and faculty the chance to learn while creating real-world value in the privarte and public sectors. Examples ongoing at K-State include:

  • Natural Resources and Environmental Science secondary major capstone courses work with community partners on applied ecological projects.
  • All students in the College of Architecture, Planning and Design complete engaged projects during their degrees. These degree programs culminate in a final master’s project—most are community based.
  • K-State participates in a variety of public-facing Centers, including the Kansas City Design Center http://www.kcdesigncenter.org/
  • Many degree programs include internships and practicums within their curricula.

Working collaboratively with partners on issues affecting the well-being of Kansans and beyond. This is underpinned by relevance, reciprocity, participation and sustainability to ensure a mutual symmetrical relationship and benefit.


Events and K-State Initiatives

The 2025 K-State Community Engagement Visionary Plan set the stage for President Linton's Next-Gen K-State, a university-wide strategic planning initiative to define our future as a Next-Generation Land-Grant University. Learn more on how President Linton is engaging with Kansas communities to structure a plan that is visionary, meaningful and responsive to the needs of Kansans at https://www.k-state.edu/next-gen/


Regional Community Visit Schedule

Visit the Regional Community Dashboard to view K-State's reach as we cover the state purple.

Fall 2023
Spring 2024
Oct. 4-5: Allen County Feb. 6-7: Jackson County
Nov. 7-9: Barton, Ellis, Norton,
Phillips, and Smith Counties
Mar. 5-7: Reno and Seward Counties

2022-2023 Locations
Fall 2022
Spring 2023
Sept. 1: Flint Hills Region Jan. 23: Shawnee County
Sept. 27: Ford County/Dodge City Feb. 21: Sedgwick County/ Wichita
Nov. 1-2: Greater Kansas City Area Mar. 28: Crawford County
Dec. 5: Central Kansas/ Salina Apr. 25: Finney County
May 10: Thomas County


Professional Development Events for K-State Faculty, Staff and Students

Spotlighting engaged opportunities for K-State faculty and staff

Nov. 28, 2023

Noon-1:30 p.m.

Staley School of Leadership | Rm. 201

'When Everyone Leads' author to speak Oct. 18

Oct. 18, 2023

10-11:30 a.m.

K-State Student Union | Ballroom

Drafting and Evaluating Engagement Dossiers

(Virtual session hosted by Engagement Scholarship Consortium)

June 22, 2023



Course Design Workshop: Fundamentals of Service-Learning

(Hosted and presented by The Staley School of Leadership and the K-State Teaching and Learning Center)

Apr. 10, 2023


Staley School of Leadership | Townhall

When Everyone Leads in a Land-Grant University

Apr. 5, 2023


Staley School of Leadership | Townhall

When Everyone Leads... Small Group Book Discussion

A free copy of the book will be given to the first 100 individuals who register and commit to joining a discussion group.

Apr. 5, 2023


Staley School of Leadership | Townhall

Social Media's Role in Developing and Executing the NextGen University Land Grant Mission (Panel Discussion and Roundtable)

Feb. 15, 2023


Staley School of Leadership | Townhall

Spotlighting engaged opportunities for K-State faculty, staff and students

Nov. 28, 2022


Staley School of Leadership | Rm. 247

Looking for an opportunity to be involved on-campus or in the community? The Office of Engagement is the front door to a swathe of experiences and opportunities. Contact us at ooengage@k-state.edu.



  • Engaged Scholarship Consortium-

    The ESC is composed of higher education member institutions, a mix of state-public and private institutions. As part of its remit to work collaboratively to build strong university-community partnerships, it organizes annual conferences anchored in the rigor of scholarship, and designed to help build community capacity. Learn more: https://engagementscholarship.org/

2023 Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference

Michigan State University

Oct. 4-5, 2023

(Pre-conference Oct. 2-3, 2023)

2023 ESC Call for Proposals

Deadline to submit proposal for 2023 conference: Friday, March 31, 2023


  • Imagining America-

    Imagining America consortium (IA) brings together interdisciplinary scholars and practitioners to imagine, study, and enact a more just and liberatory ‘America’ and world. Through its conferences, IA creates the conditions to shift culture and transform inequitable institutional and societal structures, through strengthening and promoting public scholarship, cultural organizing, and campus change. This is aimed at inspiring collective imagination, knowledge-making, and civic action on pressing public issues. Learn more: https://imaginingamerica.org/

2023 Imagining America National Gathering
Additional Details to Come

Signature Partnerships

2020 Carnegie Partnerships:

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