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Graduate Pathway Program

A student asking a questionKansas State University has been approved to offer the Graduate Pathway Program for graduate students who need to complete one or two Intensive Language courses but are otherwise eligible to be admitted to a graduate program. The Pathways Program is a one semester program and a specific Pathways I-20 is issued to eligible applicants. For detailed information see Graduate Pathway Program see section B.4 of the Graduate Handbook. Costs can be found on the Cashiers Office page. For questions about ELP classes in the Graduate Pathways Program, please contact elp@ksu.edu or 785-532-7324. For questions about a specific degree program, please contact the Graduate School

DAS 176: Advanced Reading Skills (3 credit hours)

An advanced course designed to improve reading skills and increase academic vocabulary of non-native speakers of English engaged in academic classes.

DAS 177: Advanced Writing Skills (3 credit hours)

Instruction in academic reading and writing skills in order to develop reading skills, increase reading speed, and improve writing of reports, analyses, and summaries. Includes grammar review, the study of style, and development of an academic vocabulary.

DAS 178: Advanced Listening Skills (3 credit hours)

Instruction to improve listening, comprehension, and note-taking skills. Instruction in conversational speaking, with an emphasis on developing oral fluency and the effective use of vocabulary and idioms. Includes pronunciation practice, group work, and short academic presentations.