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Women in Economics

 Women In Economics 

Mission Statement:
Women in Economics aims to generate an atmosphere of positive support and mentorship for female graduate students in the economics profession. By bringing female economist speakers to speak to our group, organizing social and academic events, providing mentorship and interpersonal support, group members are able to increase their probability of success and advancement in the economics profession.

In 2009, Dr. Florence Neymotin, Assistant Professor of Economics, was approached by several young and ambitious female graduate students in economics at Kansas State University who were eager to learn about their place as women in the field of economics. Sadly, there was not yet an organization on campus (and few such organizations nationwide) which allowed these women to meet and discuss their opinions, role-models, and create opportunities for advancement in the profession. For this reason, Dr. Neymotin got together this group of women and began having sessions that year, bringing in both outside speakers and having departmental speakers discuss their experiences as female economists. In addition, the women got together to talk about their struggles and successes and discussed ways in which they could provide support for one another and find available resources for advancement both at K-State and at large. Much to everyone’s excitement, the group flourished and developed, gaining interest and foundling support as well as verging into a range of other exciting and new activities for the group.

In April of 2010 the group was officially initiated as a club at K-State with Dr. Neymotin as the club advisor, Jenny Wu as Student President, Yuting Li as Vice President/Treasurer and Yunyun Lv as Secretary. This group currently works together to plan events for the women and create an atmosphere of advancement and success necessary for this group.

To find out more about activities currently planned and previously in session for the group, please navigate the toolbars on the top of this webpage.