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Department of Economics

Dr. Yang-Ming Chang | Working Papers 

•"Endogenous Security, Optimal Tariffs, and Regional Trade Agreements: Is Trade Regionalism a Double-Edged Sword?" under review. (with Manaf Sellak)

•"Dumping on Free Trade, Optimal Anti-dumping Duties, and Price Undertakings: Welfare Implications in a Two-Market Equilibrium Analysis," under review. (with Mian F. Raza)

•"Product Innovation, Switching Costs, and Industry Leaders: Implications for Competition and Welfare," under review. (with Jason Walter)

•"Free Trade Agreements and the Role of Third Party in Interstate Conflict" (with Manaf Sellak)

•"Tariffs vs. Anti-dumping Duties: Welfare Comparisons in a Two-Market Equilibrium Analysis of Trade" (with Mian F. Raza) 

•"The Political Economy of Foreign Aid and Human Rights in Autocracies: Theory and Empirical Evidence," under review. (with Ghashia Kiyani and Mian F. Raza)

•"Why Married Kid is Rotten: Implications for Parental Caregiving" (with Sakshi Bhardwaj)

•"Insecure Resources, Bilateral Trade, and Endogenous Predation: On the Relationship between Conflict and Trade," under review. (with Shih-Jye Wu)

•"Eco-Certification versus Emission Tax Policies: Implications for the Environment, Investment, and Social Welfare," under review. (with Jason Walter)

•"On the Economics of the Browser Wars: A Welfare Analysis" (with Hung-Yi Chen)

•"Environmental R&D under Green Technology Licensing" (with Tsung-Hsiu Tsai)

•"Fair Trade Organizations, Buyer Power, and Trade Policy under Oligopsony: A Welfare Analysis" (with Shih-Jye Wu and Hung-Yi Chen)