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Department of Economics

Department seminar schedule

Fall 2015

All seminars will be held in Waters 329 from 3:45 to 5:00 PM unless otherwise specified 

Friday, October 9th: Dr. Laura Dague from Bush School of Government and Public Policy at Texas A&M
    Title: "Labor Supply and Public Health Insurance"

Friday, October 16th: Dr. Liang Hu from Wayne State University
    Title: "Forecasting Crude Oil Price Volatility", by Ana Maria Herrera, Liang Hu and Daniel Pastor

Friday, October 23rd: Dr. Frank Gunter from Lehigh University
    Title: "Entrepreneurship in a Conflict State: The Case of Iraq"

Postponed: Dr. Sajal Lahiri from Southern Illinois

Friday, November 13th: Dr. David Kaplan from Missouri – Columbia
Title: "Smoothed Estimating Equations for Instrumental Variables Quantile Regression"

Friday, December 11th: Dr. Hyunh Kim from Bank of Canada