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Department of Economics

Department Seminar Schedule

Spring 2022

*All seminars will be held in Waters 329 from 3:45 to 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified*


February 3rd - Claudia Persico (American University and NBER)
Title: Air Quality and Suicide
**Online Via Zoom**


February 10th - Tuan Nguyen (KSU - Department of Education)
The Effects of School Finance Reforms on Teacher Turnover: Evidence from National Data
Paper: Click Here


February 24th - Mackenzie Alston (Florida State University) 
The Effects of the 2020 Social Justice Movement on Faculty


March 31st - Molly Schnell (Northwestern University)
Title: Supply-Side Effects of Health Insurance: Evidence from 1,721 Retail Clinic Entries and Exits


April 14th - Esteban Aucejo (Arizona State University)
The Importance of Matching Effects for Labor Productivity: Evidence from Teacher-Student Interactions 


April 28th- Thomas Drechsel (U of Maryland -- College Park)
Title: Income Inequality, Financial Intermediation, and Small Firms
Paper: Click Here