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Department of Economics

Economics Club Debates

The K-State Economics Club Debate Series on Economic Issues is underwritten by the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation.  This series was established in 2013 and speakers discuss a timely topic of interest to economics club members.

This debate is open to the public and accessible to a general audience and is typically hosted once a year by the Kansas State University Economics Club.

Martin (Marty) Gaynor, Carnegie Mellon University and Casey Mulligan, University of Chicago -  May 2017

David Neumark, University of California-Irvine and Michael Reich, University of California-Berkeley - October 2015

David Autor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Kevin Murphy, University of Chicago - April 2015

Mark Thoma, University of Oregon and Stephen Williamson, Washington University (St. Louis) -  April 2014

Brad DeLong - University of California at Berkeley and Alan Reynolds- the Cato Institute (Debate) - April 2013