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Department of Economics

Kiran Ambreen Ayub

International Trade, Applied Microeconomics 


I am a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at Kansas State University. My expected graduation date is May 2021.

My research interests are in the fields of International Trade, with a specific focus on the Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) and Economic Integration Areas (EIAs). My job market paper considers the role of trade in differentiated inputs in the country-pair decision to form a PTA in goods, and in their decision to expand it to trade in services with varying degrees of coverage, which transforms a preferential agreement into an Economic Integration Area (EIA). My next paper discusses the effects of PTA and EIA formation on trade flows using a modern gravity model of international trade. In particular, it focuses on the effects of PTA formation on the internal and external margins of trade, allowing for EIA formation to represent an additional factor in promoting trade through both margins of trade.

I have tutored courses in Accounting, Finance, Audit, and Economics at Western Illinois University. I have been working as a primary instructor at Kansas State University since the fall of 2017. Here I have designed and developed Economic courses at the undergraduate level. I am also the Carroll B. Greene Memorial Scholarship recipient to recognize high academic performance and a high potential for future achievement (2019).


Advisor: Dr. Peri da Silva

Contact Information:

Department of Economics, Kansas State University
327 Waters Hall, Manhattan, KS, 66506
Email: kaayub@ksu.edu
Phone: (309) 569-8141