Dr. Yang-Ming Chang | Working Papers

•"Tariff Wars, Free Trade Agreements, and Military Alliances: A Conflict-Theoretic Analysis" under revisions for submission (with Manaf Sellak)

•"Safeguard Tariffs vs. Antidumping Duties: A Comparative Analysis with Policy Implications," under review. (with Mian F. Raza)

•"Environmental Policy in Vertical Markets with Downstream Pollution: Taxes vs. Standards," Revise & Resubmit. (with Manaf Sellak)

•"Environmental Regulation and the Location Choice of Polluting Firms: A Welfare Analysis"(with Jason Walter)

•"Trade and Industrial Policies for Oligopolistic Markets under Cross-Border Ownership Restrictions: A Welfare Analysis," under review. (with Quan Dong)

•"Product Innovation with Industry Leaders and Consumer Switching Costs" (with Jason Walter)