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Department of Economics

2021 Student Learning Outcomes Report

We elected to evaluate four different outcomes this year, outcomes three and nine were evaluated during the fall of 2020 and we evaluated outcomes one and three/six during the spring of 2021. We frequently evaluate outcome nine because it is tremendously important to the discipline and we determined that making sure students were aware of and could evaluate policy actions in response to COVID 19 was extremely important. All seniors in the capstone course, ECON 580, Senior Seminar, during the fall semester of 2020 and the spring semester of 2021 were examined. At the start of the semester, students received a list of the twelve knowledge-based SLOs and the information that their final examinations would include questions closely based on two of the SLOs. ECON 580 typically has an enrollment of fifteen to thirty students. In the fall 2020 semester, fifteen students took the final exam and in the spring 2021 semester eighteen students took the final. The overall results from our students demonstrate a strong mastery of the concepts of opportunity costs, thinking at the margin, and evaluating public policy. To view the full report, click here