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Department Head Resources

Manuals and Handbooks

Department/Unit Head Manual

This Department/Unit Head Manual is designed to assist deans and department/unit heads who have administrative responsibility for unclassified faculty/staff members.

University Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to provide a broad description of Kansas State University, its nature, and the role of the K-State faculty and administration in relation to the university community's many activities. The contents of this handbook are considered to be standard policy by the faculty and administration.

University Support Staff Policies

The information in this USS Handbook describes basic policies, procedures, benefits and services at Kansas State University. It will answer many questions employment and is meant to give a basic overview of the university's obligation and responsibilities toward the employee and employee obligations and responsibilities to the university.

Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM)

This online manual was created by the university administration and campus offices to provide a more updated and user-friendly guide to the university policies and procedures.

Kansas Board of Regents Policy Manual

This page is a brief directory of where to find information in the complete policy manual.

University General Education Courses

The University General Education program strives to help students widen their perspectives and explore the relationships among various subjects.  The main purpose of the UGE courses is to encourage active learning and critical thinking as well as to broaden students' learning beyond their fields of study.

University Committee Handbook

Includes: Student Senate, Classified Senate, Faculty Senate, Presidential, and other university committees.