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Curriculum Forms

Supplemental Forms:

Be sure to save your completed form for use throughout the approval process.

If you have questions, please contact the appropriate person in your college's dean's office for instruction on the submission of the forms.

Document  DescriptionLast Update
Interdisciplinary Program Concept Paper TemplatePDFWord DocThis form must be used in preparing a new interdisciplinary program concept paper for presentation to the dean's council.January 2017
Example of KBOR New Degree Program ProposalPDF

This form must be used when proposing a new degree program. 

Refer to the KBOR New Program Approval Website for additional information

September 2020
Guidance for Completing the KBOR New Program Proposal - PDFPDFWord DocThis word document provides guidance to assist departments and colleges on how to prepare the KBOR proposal for a new program.September 2020
CIP Code Request/Change FormPDFWord DocThis form must be used when requesting a new CIP Code or proposing a change to an existing CIP Code for a major or certificate (plan/sub-plan)February 2022