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CIP Code Selection & Changes

The Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) codes were developed by the U.S. Department of Education as the national taxonomic standard of academic program titles for federal surveys and state reporting of institutional data. The CIP code is independent of program length.

A change in a program’s Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Code can have major, long‐lasting implications for financial aid, international students, IPEDS reporting, census, funding, and other programs and reports. As such, any change in CIP code will be carefully vetted before being approved or denied.

Note that CIP codes are not changed just to qualify a program for a STEM designated CIP. Changes to CIP codes will only be made when it is clear that changes to a program’s curriculum or updated documentation of a program’s curriculum warrants a change to a different CIP code.

CIP code changes will only be implemented in the Fall term of each academic year. If the change is approved that will qualify a major program for a STEM designated CIP, in most cases this will apply to recent international graduates of the major who are in the federally sponsored optional practical training (OPT) program.

Common Requests:

  1. New {this is done via the Curriculum Submission Process via Curriculog}
  2. Request to Change a Code from a non-STEM to STEM designated code
  3. Request to Change a Code from a non-STEM to a different non-STEM code
  4. Request for consideration of submitting request to Department of Homeland Security addition of CIP Code to STEM designation list.

Review Steps To Consider Before Submitting a Request:

  1. Does any K-State major, minor, or certificate have the same CIP Code Assigned?
  2. Does any other KBOR Institution have the same CIP Code assigned
    • Review the KBOR Online Program Inventory to determine what other KBOR Institutions offer this credential
    • Talk with the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment to confirm the CIP Codes assigned to those credential types to see if there are others using this CIP code which will assist with alignment and/or help provide a larger context if looking to move away from the use of the code.
  3. Be Aware of Reporting and Program Implications. 
  4. KBOR business process on CIP Code assignments
    • Two programs with the same award level in two different departments cannot share the same CIP code. {the rationale is that two different departments would not offer programs at the same level using the same CIP because if they are in different departments, they would not be the same program.}
    • CIP Code is an important identifier in Program Inventory for each program
  5. HLC Policy
CLICK HERE  For Next Steps on Form Submissions and Procedures