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Career services at CAPS

In our fast paced world, it is not surprising that making decisions about career and majors can be confusing. Some students are establishing their career identities, exploring their interests, discovering their strengths, and identifying values that they hope to realize in their adult lives; whereas other students may be reexamining their career identities and changing directions.

CAPS provides career assessment and interpretations using the Strong Interest Inventory/Skills Confidence Inventory (listed below) and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (listed below) and will assist students in addressing career difficulties and decisions in group or individual sessions. Fees are charged for both assessments. Students who are clients at CAPS may discuss their interest with their therapist who will refer them for a Career Walk-In Interpretation appointment. Students who are not clients at CAPS may contact the office to request a Career Walk-In Interpretation appointment. The Career Walk-In Interpretation session is approximately 90 minutes.

Students may also address concerns related to career uncertainties by exploring their values, skills, and interests in a two credit hour class listed as EDCEP 202, which is an eight-week online class that is offered during the Fall and Spring semester. 

For more information about career related events and services, visit the K-State Career Center

Strong Interest Inventory/Skills Confidence Inventory (SII/SCI)

If you only take one career assessment the SII/SCI is a great choice if you are uncertain of your likes, dislikes, or interests. The SII/SCI provides information about both your career interests (a great predictor of career satisfaction) and areas of skills confidence. Putting interest themes together with areas of skills confidence will help you prioritize careers and majors for further exploration or development.


Myers-Briggs Type (MBTI)

The MBTI is one of the most popular assessments of personality type used today. The results of this assessment are helpful in guiding career and educational decisions, as well as to help understand and appreciate individual differences in personal and professional relationships.