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Counseling Services

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Kansas State University
Counseling Services
1105 Sunset Ave, Rm 101
Manhattan, KS 66502

Monday - Friday:  8am-5pm

785-532-3932 (fax)

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Mental Health


Learn about what anxiety is, and how to manage it. 

Anxiety Disorders
Dealing With Setbacks
Generalized Anxiety Disorders
Techniques for Managing Worry


Depression affects more than 19 million American adults aged 18 and older; it affects almost 10 percent of American adults.  Learn the facts about what depression is, and how you can manage the symptoms.

5 Tips to Avoid Depression
Black Dog
Facts About Depression

Body & Eating Concerns

If you have eating concerns, there are resources available to assist you. Check out http://www.k-state.edu/lafene/disorderedeating.pdf for local resources and more information.

Visit the link to find out more information about body image, and eating disorders, as well as how to recognize the warning signs.

A Comprehensive Guide to Eating Disorders and How to Help

Other Mental Health Concerns

Bipolar Disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Here and There
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people aged 15 to 24. People of all genders, ages, and ethnicities can be at risk for suicide. Learn more about the risks of suicide, and how to help yourself and others who may be struggling with suicide.

Coping with Death from Suicide
Life is for Living
Myths vs. Truths About Suicide
Teen Suicide Stats
Understanding and Helping the Suicidal Individual

Recognizing Distress

It can be hard to help yourself when you're struggling, and even harder to help someone else in need. On this page you will find information and resources on how to recognize when others may need help, and what you can do to support them.

Recognizing Students in Distress