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Counseling Services

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Kansas State University
Counseling Services
1105 Sunset Ave, Rm 101
Manhattan, KS 66502

Monday - Friday:  8am-5pm

785-532-3932 (fax)

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Scope of Services

K-State Counseling Services offers individual, couple, and group therapy to eligible K-State students. Students may receive one form of treatment a time. Group therapy does not have a session limit. Individual and couple therapy is limited to 8 sessions per semester with the summer counting as a semester. Most students find that their needs are met within one to six sessions. Referrals to therapists in the community will be offered for students who have needs that cannot be met within our office. Students who have long-standing concerns, are in need of intensive and/or comprehensive services (including frequent crisis services), could benefit from specialized therapy, or who might find it difficult to separate from therapy in eight or less sessions are generally not served adequately by our brief model.