Concerned about a student

If you are worried about someone, don't ignore it. You can help. If problems are ignored, they can get worse. Knowing how to help isn't always easy, but taking the steps to do so doesn't have to be done alone. Lafene CAPS is here to help.

Students are referred to Student Support and Accountability from a wide range of sources, including faculty and staff, family members, or other students. Generally these individuals express a concern because they care about the student involved. They realize the best way to get the student assistance is to involve others to determine the best approach for helping the student. The goal is to avert more serious difficulties and provide support as the student works toward academic and personal success.

Student of Concern Referral Form

If your concern involves an imminent risk of harm to self or others, please call 911 or K-State Police Department (785-532-6412).