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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

OHSP Forms

Initial enrollment

OHSP Form 1 - Occupational Risk Assessment (PDF)  

Students and/or workers must complete this form and attached fact sheet confirmation, and mail or scan and email to URCO at comply@ksu.edu to ENROLL in the OHSP.  Despite enrollment, you are not cleared until the Occupational Health Professional at Via Christi sends your clearance form to URCO. 

OHSP Form 2 - Health Risk Assessment (PDF) 

Students and/or workers must complete this form, then scan and email to Via Christi Occupational Health at Francis.Koopman@ascension.org as the second step in the OHSP enrollment process.

Annual reassessment

OHSP Form 4 - Annual Reassessment/Change in Health Status  (PDF)

Every year, or if animal work or personal health status changes, personnel enrolled in the OHSP need to fill out form 4 and return to comply@ksu.edu.  If you have changes in your health status or animal activities, also complete Form 5 (below).

OHSP Form 5- Health Risk Reassessment Follow-up (PDF)

If you indicated a change in health or animal activity status on an annual reassessment (Form 4), complete and email this form to Via Christi Occupational health at Francis.Koopman@ascension.org.

OHSP Annual Reassessment Process Schematic (DOC) 
OHSP Enrollment Schematic (DOC)