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Center for Engagement and Community Development

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2019 News

Adapt and Win: The Kansas Story

Features from CECD's Spring 2018 News

EIG Awardee: Kerry Priest 

EIG Awardee: Michael Gibson

EIG Awardee: Debra Bolton

EIG Awardee: Alisa Garni

EIG Awardee: Laura Kanost

"Powerful Dialogue: Engaging Community Issues in Polarizing Times."

KHFI dedicates more than $4 million to healthy food access

Community Engagement: Living Our Land Grant Mission

“Search for Simurgh” to Bring Collaboration Between Performance Art and STEM

Features from CECD's Fall/Spring 2017 News

Fall 2017 News:

Nutrition for all: KSU initiative helps improve healthy food access for Kansans

Spring 2017 News:

University's annual Engagement Symposium

K-State joins Imagining America

KSU Chapman Center to Help Museums Across Kansas

EIG Awardee: Linda Yarrow

EIG Awardee: Briana Nelson Goff

EIG Awardee: Shijun Yan

EIG Awardee: Ellyn Mulcahy

EIG Awardee: Natalie Pennington

KSU APDesign’s Small Town Studio Brings Arts to Community Engagement

K-State Confucius Institute: Cultural Arts Engagement in the Manhattan Community

2017 Engagement Symposium - Reconstructing Civility: Modes of Engagement for 2017

4-H Military Partnerships Wins Excellence in Engagement Award

Vet Med Wins Excellence in Engagement Award

Coalition For A Diverse Community

Engage Magazine

Scientific Communication 

2017 ESC Conference Call for Proposals Now Open

Nominations Now Open: K-State Excellence in Engagement Awards

Features from CECD's Fall 2016 News

Engage Magazine 2016

Center for Engagement and Community Development Celebrates Cultural Arts Engagement at December Brown Bag

Center for Engagement and Community Development Engagement Brown Bag series Nov. 4

Flint Hills Discovery Center Provides New Understanding

Center for Engagement and Community Development Engagement Brown Bag series Oct. 7

Social Capital Gives a Voice to Families in Poverty

CECD, ICDD and RGI Staff and Student Update

Fall 2016 Engagement Brown Bag Series

Features from CECD's Spring 2016 News

Thank You for a Successful Day of Learning

Excellence in Engagement Awardees Announced

Provost Letter to the Campus

David Procter Letter to the Campus

Tim Eatman, Co-director of Imagining America to Present on Imagining Possibilities

Food Security Presentation by Robert Egger, CEO of L.A. Kitchen

David Procter Interview with KMAN Radio

Call for Proposals

A Day of Learning: Agenda (PDF)

A Day of Learning Flyer (JPG)

4-H and Military Partnerships

Meet Our Student Staff

Chapman Center Update

Features from CECD's Fall 2015 News

Professor Wins Treanor Architect Faculty Award

And the Kremer Award Goes To... David Dowell!

CECD and the Staley School of Leadership Studies Kick off Fall Engagement Brown Bags

2015 Engagement Incentive Grant Recipients

EdCats Reach Out

Bolton Brings Education to New 4-Hers

Restoring Justice in Manhattan

Girl Scouts Partner Up

CECD Hosts Brown Bag Engagement Event

AP Design Assists Wounded Warriors

Tap to Togetherness

Features from CECD's Fall 2014/Spring 2015 News

Professor Wins Treanor Architect Faculty Award

Engagement Benchmarking Tool

Small Town Studio

Excellence in Engagement Awards

Project 17

Welcome Maggie

Welcome Nancy

Features from CECD's Spring 2014 News

Symposium video recordings posted, Rural Grocery Summit IV program announced

Cost for small Kansas businesses reduced through IKE, Mental Health Forum May 6

2014 Engagement Symposium draws near, Town Hall forum on mental health this week

Sociology students work with rural communities; BRI partners with Mercy Regional Health Center

K-State aims to retain Ag educators, ICDD to host forum on mental health

Engagement Incentive Grants open, Basic Facilitation Workshop, KDA to hold trade show

K-State receives USDA Research Grant to advance work with the Rural Grocery Initiative

Manhattan Experimental Theater Workshop is a subject of documentary

Features from CECD's Fall 2013 News

K-State and Wichita collaborate; Morland Community Kitchen, and more

Art Smart! Morland Mercantile grand opening, and more

Students reduce soil nitrates, ICDD holds training in Johnson County

Military Partnership, Civic Luncheon Lecture Series

Sunflower Foundation, ICDD holds mental health panel

New Year. New Interns. New Look.

Features From ICDD's Spring 2013 News

Engagement Benchmarking Tool

Engagement Benchmarking Tool PDF

Helping hand: Kansas communities benefit through work of entrepreneurial student group at K-State Salina

Intern Congratulation!

Action Steps to Address Challenges Facing Rural Grocery Stores

ICDD to Host National Issues Forum on Future of Higher Education

Johnson County Library is hosting A Conversation about Sandy Hook

Excellence and Engagement Award Honor Roll

Eureka! Town + gown= fresh ideas for Kansas communities

K-State recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as a Community-Engaged University

Features From ICDD's Fall 2012 News

Wood publishes article linking teaching, community research

Kansas Environmental Leadership Program accepting applications

From virus to viral: Researchers explore social media as preventative method for infectious diseases

A proud partnership: University and military recognize nearly 150 years of education, culture and honor

Procter presents Rural Grocery Initiative research at international conference

Office of corporate engagement making strides with multiple companies

Read all about it: Architecture students' designs featured in The New York Times

Winning entrepreneurship: Center for Advancement of Entrepreneurship earns new honor

First in line: Doctoral program's first graduate paves the way for new form of financial planning

K-State awarded $2.5 million grant to study kids, food

Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy to hold economic forum, DebateWatch events

New community garden grants announced

A Career in Good Works: Morse Scholarship Helps Student Complete Project to Help Children with Special Needs

University, Ecuador continue Go Teach Program

Kansas Statewide Wind Energy Forum, Sept. 26-28

'A Voteless People is a Hopeless People' Video

ICDD to Host Facilitation Workshop; CECD/ICDD Director Travels to Ohio and NC

Kansas Grocery Earns Small Business Award; RGI presentation in Brest, France

Election Day Special!

Alpha Phi Alpha Voter Registration Drive; Grocery Webinar

Kids Voting Kansas; K-State Architecture Project

Brown County Hosts Community Event; Meet 2012/2013 Student Staff

Federal Funding for K-State Initiative; Debate Watch Parties

Features from CECD's Spring 2012 News

Ageless Education: Researchers Create Guide for Inter-generational Program at Nursing Homes to Benefit Students, Residents

K-State Students Address Local Environmental Issues at Sunset Zoo

At Home and Away: University Research, Outreach Benefit Soldiers in the Field and Their Families at Home

Douglas County to Learn Bottom-Line Value of Living with Trees

At Home and Away: University Research, Outreach Benefit Soldiers in the Field and Their Families at Home

Distance Education Program in Dietetics Gives California Alum Head Start on Reforming Child Nutrition

K-State Community EXCELLing Together

Certified Excellence: University Youth Mentoring Program Earns Gold Star Status from Kansas Mentors

 Features from CECD's Spring 2011 News

Human Ecology Professor Awarded Faculty Extension Excellence Award

K-State Program for Developmentally Disabled

Local Elementary School Teacher Receives Award for Efforts with Learning Garden

Riley County Vision 2025 Awarded for Excellence

Finalists Announced for the 2011 C. Peter Magrath University Community Engagement Award

K-State Recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as a Community-Engaged University

Features from CECD's E-News Fall 2010 (PDF).

Overview of the 2010 Rural Grocery Store Summit

Rural Grocery Initiative Receives Outstanding Program Award

Policy Efforts Should Support Rural Grocery Stores

Community Support is Critical to Sustain Rural Grocery Stores

Improve Educational Campaigns to Engage Community Members

Partnerships Discussed to Improve Regional Food Distribution System

Features from CECD's E-News Summer 2010 (PDF).

K-State's Rural Grocery Initiative: Saving Rural America's Critical Infrastructure

Blacksmith Coffee

Marci Penner

Mark Wellbrock

Features from CECD's E-News April/May 2010 (PDF).

University and Military Engagement

Military Family Health and Security

K-State Libraries Connection

Education Station

Features from CECD's E-News March 2010 (PDF).

Engagement Through K-State Research and Extension

Distance Collaboration

Getting Real

Healthy Partnership

Open For Business

Features from CECD's E-News Janruary/February 2010 (PDF).

Engagement Incentive Grants for 2009

Rural Versus Supercenter

Increasing Food Acceptance

Morland Grocery Project

H1N1 Epidemic

History Is Now

Disease Prevention

Earthworms: An Invasive Species

Features from CECD's E-News November/December 2009 (PDF).

A Message on Health from David Procter, Director of K-State's Center for Engagement and Community Development

Engaging Health, Changing Lives

Public Health Work at K-State

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles through Community Capacity Building

Promoting Civil Citizen Participation In Health Care Deliberations

Improving Kansas Health Clinics

One Health Kansas

Promoting Healthy Snacks Among School Children

Kansas Health Care Professionals: Counseling For Lifestyle Behaviors

Features from CECD's E-News October 2009 (PDF).

A Message on Community Gardens from David Procter, Director of K-State's Center for Engagement and Community Development

Northview Promotes Hands-on Experience with Gardening

Improving the Quality of Life: One Color at a Time

Prairie and Rain Gardens Attract Wildlife at Sunset Zoo

Project PLANTS Encourages Healthy Habits for Kids

Features from CECD's E-News May 2009 (PDF).

A Message on Service Learning from Dave Procter, Director of K-State's Center for Engagement and Community Development

Community Campus Partnership Promotes Water Quality

Campus Organization Encourages Engagement in the Community

Center Strives to Connect Community and Campus Through Service

Manhattan Group Promotes AIDS Awareness, Education and Support

Students Spend Breaks From School in an Alternative Fashion

Features from CECD's E-News April 2009 (PDF).

A Message from Dave Procter, Director of K-State's Center for Engagement and Community Development

Interactive Theatre Offers Opportunity for Children of Military Parents

Theater Project Uses Plays to Expose Children to New Experiences

Camp Shakespeare to Create New Teaching Techniques

Project Uses Romeo and Juliet to Educate Young Adults

Union Program Council Promotes Disability Awareness with Art Exhibit

Features from CECD's E-News March 2009 (PDF).

Kinesiology Professors Investigate Latino Health in Southwest Kansas

Partnerships for Healthier Kansas Encourages Health Education

Professor Offers Technical Assistance to Urban Core Community

Project Engages Fort Riley Community with Kansas State University

CECD Sponsors Engagement Incentive Grants, Helps Kansans

Features from CECD's E-News Fall 2008 Special Edition (PDF).

Kansas to Kenya Project Reaches Out

K-State Students Participate in Service Learning in Puebla, Mexico

ICDD Presents Ideas on Civility at International Conference in Mexico

CECD, ICDD Help Bring Special Visitors to Kansas State Campus

ICDD Presents at Public Issues Forum Facilitation Workshop in Canada

Features from CECD's E-News September 2008 (PDF).

Celebrating engaged work at Kansas State

CECD sponsors engagement incentive grants, helps Kansans

CECD Welcomes New Advisory Board Members

Professor Reaches Out to Kansas City Neighborhood

WaterLINK: Water Quality Improvement Through Service-Learning

Features from CECD's special edition of E-News May 2008 (PDF).

CECD E-News: Special Greensburg Edition

Integrating New Media: How Greensburg will improve communication and empower citizens to get involved in the process

Technology: How Greensburg is bridging the information apartheid

K-State architecture students design green structures for Greensburg residents

Griffin coordinates behavioral health program to help Kansas communities in disasters

Features from CECD's E-News March 2008 (PDF).

CECD conducts surveys to help rural businesses

CECD sponsors engagement incentive grants, helps Kansans

CECD engages with UPAEP, K-State students

Next month’s newsletter to feature Greensburg reconstruction efforts

Features from CECD's E-News January 2008 (PDF).

Workshop trains participants to be civic leaders

CECD collaborates to present community and economic development resource fair

Kansas community development — CECD can help

Procter speaks to great plains vegetable growers conference

K-State class works with CECD, Kansas community on water project

Features from CECD's E-News December 2007 (PDF).

Rural Grocery Store Initiative Continues to Move Forward

CECD works with K-State journalism class to create publications

Civics and Civility Summit brings community leaders together, inspires discussion

ICDD Public Issues Facilitation Workshop

Features from CECD's E-News October 2007 (PDF).

Drama therapy program benefits Manhattan community, K-State students

Kansas Campus Compact links university, community

CECD receives USDA grant to assist rural grocery stores

Encouraging Public Participation in Community Development

ICDD YouTube initiative receives positive feedback, recognition

Features from CECD's E-News September 2007 (PDF).

K-State professor, students test community water supplies

K-State gives funds, support to new volunteer center

Fall 2007 Volunteer Opportunities, Special Events

Developing Thriving Communities Through CECD

CECD Organizes Greensburg Disaster Response

Features from CECD's E-News August 2007 (PDF).

CECD Launches Rural Grocery Store Initiative

CECD to Host Civics and Civility Summit

Academy Mobilizes Community Teams

My Hometown Helper Grant Program

Engagement Symposium

Features from CECD's E-News July 2007 (PDF).

CECD Launches Engagement E-Newsletter

CECD Announces Spring 2007 Engagement Grants

ICDD Hosts Public Issues Education and Facilitation Workshop

CECD Presents Rural Culture and Community Class

CECD Summer Research Assistant