Make a Plan and Move Forward

Have you made a decision about a major or career you would like to pursue? If so, it's time to make a plan and take the next steps toward implementing that decision.

Changing your Major?

  • Run a "What If?" DARS report to find out how many credit hours you would need to complete if you changed your major.
  • If you have decided to change your major, you will need to visit with your current academic advisor to initiate the change. Your current college will then contact the college you intend to switch to and will verify whether you meet the new college‚Äôs GPA requirements. After 10-14 days, check your KSIS account to make sure your change of major is confirmed.
  • To add a minor, go directly to the office where the program is located.

What Are Your Next Steps?

Once you have decided on a program of study, it is a good time to think about how you will gain experience and develop as a future professional. Click the boxes below to learn more about ways to continue your career development.