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Career Center Staff 2019

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. | Closed on university holidays as indicated on the K-State academic calendar.

Meet our Staff

Career Exploration
Jared MeitlerSenior Assistant Directorjmeitler@k-state.edu785-532-6506

JaredJared’s Bio

Jared oversees major and career exploration for the Career Center and serves as the coordinating instructor for the Find Your Fit CAT Community and EDCEP 120, the center's 1 credit-hour career exploration class.

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He advises students in the Open Option program and provides leadership for the visitor services team. Jared has a Master's in Counseling & Student Development and a Bachelor’s in Health and Human Sciences, both from Kansas State University. He started working at the Career Center in 2012.

Strengths: Analytical, Competition, Includer, Maximizer, Relator

Favorite K-State tradition: Teaching my 2 son's the words to the Wabash Cannonball, the Alma Mater and the Fight Song!

Ashley AndersonGraduate Studentashley2014@k-state.edu785-532-6506

Ashley AndersonAshley’s Bio

Ashley serves as the graduate assistant for major and career exploration at the Career Center.

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Ashley received her bachelor’s in communication studies from Kansas State University. While obtaining her degree, Ashley was heavily involved in leadership studies and also worked at the Career Center as a career specialist. She is currently pursuing her master’s in College Student Development. 

Strengths: Deliberative, Significance, Focus, Restorative, Relator

Favorite K-State tradition: I love Call Hall ice cream, the K-State rodeo and of course the Wabash Cannonball!

Career Specialists


Alexis Abadayan
Career Specialist
Graphic Design


Adrina Beltran
Career Specialist
Human Development and Family Science


Connor Fulk
Career Specialist
Finance & Accounting


Emma Hahn
Career Specialist
Personal Financial Planning


Tori Mitchell
Career Specialist
Secondary Education


Jonah Montgomery
Career Specialist


Kevin Munoz-Hernandez
Career Specialist
Finance & Accounting


Merani Rivarola-Gragg
Career Specialist
Family Studies & Human Services


Janae Schulte
Career Specialist
Human Development and Family Science

Bailey Winkel

Bailey Winkel
Career Specialist

College Liaisons
Mary Ellen BarkleyAssistant Directormebark@k-state.edu785-532-1680

Mary EllenMary Ellen’s Bio

Mary Ellen serves as liaison to the Colleges of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.

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Mary Ellen has a bachelor's in psychology from Washington State University and a master's in college student personnel services from K-State. Mary Ellen is a Start Smart Salary Facilitator. She has worked for the Career Center for over 13 years.

Strengths: Belief, Developer, Input, Positivity, Relator

Favorite K-State tradition: Call Hall!

Anne DeLucaAssistant Directorajdeluca@k-state.edu785-532-6508

Anne DeLucaAnne’s Bio

Anne serves as liaison to the College Engineering.

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Anne received her bachelor’s in sociology/criminology from Doane College and a master’s in communication studies from Kansas State. She previously was a graduate assistant for the K-State Forensics Team and taught public speaking classes on campus.

Strengths: Activator, Individualization, Positivity, Restorative, Woo

Favorite K-State tradition: I enjoy learning about the history of campus and of course the WABASH!

Pat HudginsAssociate Directorphudgins@k-state.edu785-532-6508

Pat HudginsPat’s Bio

Pat serves as the liaison to the College of Education students and leads center-wide programming and the advising team.

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Pat received her bachelor's in communication from the University of Cincinnati and her master's in college student development from K-State. Pat is a Start Smart Salary Facilitator. She has worked at the Career Center since 2013.

Strengths: Includer, Learner, Maximizer, Relator, Responsibility

Favorite K-State tradition: My favorite K-State traditions include attending Purple Power Play with a great display of fireworks and K-State Open House. It’s a time I share K-State with new members of the community.

Andrew KohlsAssistant Directorandrewkohls@ksu.edu785-532-1685

Andrew KohlsAndrew’s Bio

Andrew serves as the liaison to the College of Architecture, Planning & Design students and graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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Andrew received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and human development from Kansas Wesleyan University and completed his master’s degree in academic advising from K-State in 2016. He has been working in higher education since 2010 having previous experience in immigration advising and admissions. He has worked at K-State since 2012 and joined the Career Center team in 2014.

Strengths: Context, Communication, Empathy, Positivity, Woo

Favorite K-State tradition: The Week of Welcome at the beginning of the semester. I love feeling the buzz and energy from all of our new Wildcats navigating campus for the first time!

Jaci KolmAssistant Directorjlkolm@k-state.edu785-532-1680

Jaci KolmJaci’s Bio

Jaci serves as the liaison to the College of Health and Human Sciences' students.

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Jaci received her bachelor's degree from Kansas State University in human development and family science. While obtaining her degree, she worked as a career specialist at the Career Center and a peer mentor for Family Studies.

Strengths: Positivity, Includer, Competition, Developer, Harmony

Favorite K-State tradition: The K-State Pub Crawl Band that plays in local establishments the Friday night before home football games. It's fun to see them pump up K-State fans and support the Wildcats!

Ashley MotleyAssistant Directorakmotley@k-state.edu785-532-1685

AshleyAshley’s Bio

Ashley serves as the liaison to the College of Arts and Sciences' undergraduate students.

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Ashley received her master’s in college student affairs from the University of South Florida and bachelor’s degree in communication studies from Kansas State University. She joined the K-State Career Center in June 2016 after working in Florida career services for 7 years.

Strengths: Individualization, Strategic, Empathy, Woo, Learner

Favorite K-State tradition: The Wabash Cannonball! I met my husband in my last year at K-State and when we tied the knot we got all of our wedding guests to participate in the Wabash during our reception at the Alumni Center.

Anthony YbarraAssistant Directoranthonyy@k-state.edu785-532-6508

Anthony YbarraAnthony’s Bio

Anthony serves as liaison to the College of Business Administration.

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Anthony has a bachelor's degree in human resources from Kansas State University and a master's in college student development. Anthony has been with the Career Center since 2011.

Strengths: Arranger, Communication, Individualization, Positivity, Woo

Favorite K-State tradition: Finals week ... the bells in Anderson Hall play the Fight Song and Alma Mater. It reminds me of when I was walking from my last final about to go out into the world, creating a surreal moment in time.


Alumni Career Services
Debra Rodenbaugh-SchaubAlumni Consultantdschaub@k-state.com785-532-3392

DebraDebra’s Bio

Deb serves as the Alumni Career Services liaison to the K-State Career Center and the Alumni Association. She provides resources to K-State alumni, assisting them in defining their career options and helping them develop their job searching skills.

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Deb is a graduate of MidAmerica Nazarene University with a bachelor’s degree in Management and Human Relations. For the past 10 years Deb has worked as a Program Consultant for the Kansas Department of Commerce and also previously worked for the JQ Hammons Corporation, Kansas Bankers Association and the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce.

Favorite K-State tradition: The super deal combo: enjoying Call Hall Ice Cream while listening to K-State Band play Wabash Cannonball

Employer Relations
Sammie HillstockProject Managershillstock@k-state.edu785-532-3450

Sammie HillstockSammie's Bio

Sammie manages all of the career fairs across the center and will answer your questions about registrations and payments, among other details.

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Sammie has a bachelor’s degree in family studies and human services with a minor in conflict analysis and trauma studies, as well as a certificate in conflict resolution. She spent the last year of her undergrad working in the Vice President for Student Life office and as an intern with Counseling Services Outreach. 

Strengths: Strategic, Restorative, Communication, Ideation, InputAchiever, Context, Individualization, Learner, Relator

Favorite K-State tradition: Wabash, Purple Pride ice cream, and taking every chance to watch the excellent Pride of Wildcatland Marching Band!!

Debbie OwensOn-Campus Interview Coordinatordowens@k-state.edu785-532-1681

Debbie OwensDebbie’s Bio

Debbie schedules on-campus interviews, posts jobs, and books interview rooms in the Career Center.

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Debbie has worked at the Career Center since 2001.

Strengths: Achiever, Context, Individualization, Learner, Relator

Favorite K-State tradition: Purple Power Play!

Val RubioEmployer Relations Coordinatorvrubio@k-state.edu785-532-6956

Val RubioVal’s Bio

Val assists all current and prospective employers with any type of recruiting on campus.

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Val has a bachelor's degree in marketing with a minor in Spanish and Hospitality Management, as well as a certificate in International Business. She worked for K-State's Department of Housing and Dining Services as a Meetings and Events Assistant while obtaining her degree.

Strengths: Harmony, Responsibility, Belief, Discipline, Relator

Favorite K-State tradition: Wabashing, Call Hall ice cream and watching the sun rise at Top of the World.

Student Staff
Chris Blegen

Chris Blegen
Student Office Assistant
Animal Sciences and Industry

Mary Carr

Mary Carr
Business Administration Pre-Professional


Erin Henderson
Computer Science


Regan Roth
Communication Sciences and Disorders

Mary EwingDirector's Assistantmewing@k-state.edu785-532-1691

MaryMary's Bio

Mary supports the director's area and also manages the Center's accounting.

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She has a bachelor's degree in restaurant management from K-State. Mary has been with the Career Center since 2006.

Strengths: Communication, Connectedness, Harmony, Input, Woo

Favorite K-State tradition: Purple … because it's an awesome color!

Kerri KellerExecutive Directorkdkeller@k-state.edu785-532-1691

Kerri’s Bio

Kerri directs the overall operations of the Career Center and teaches the LEAD 399 Internships for Career Development class.

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Kerri has a Ph.D from K-State, a master’s degree in student personnel and a bachelor's degree in psychology/social work. She has worked in career services for over 20 years at universities in Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri and Kansas.

Strengths: Connectedness, Futuristic, Learner, Maximizer, Strategic

Favorite K-State tradition: K-State Family — this is a special place and I appreciate the extra effort everyone gives to take care of the family.

Robert J. Sanders
Administrative Assistant
Robert J. Sanders

Robert’s Bio

Robert supports the assistant directors for the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Architecture, Planning and Design.

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Robert earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Western Michigan University and a master’s degree in creative writing from Kansas State University. A former instructor of expository writing, Robert has been working in various roles at K-State since graduating in 2016.

Strengths: Strategic, Communication, Restorative, Adaptability, Includer

Favorite K-State tradition: Sharing campus with my son. He loves Nichols Hall, Hale Library, and the Berney Family Welcome Center because they look like castles.

Alison SotkovskiAdministrative Assistantalison@k-state.edu785-532-6508

Alison SotkovskiAlison’s Bio

Alison supports the assistant directors for the Colleges of Business, Engineering, and Education. She is also the go-to person for education on-campus interviews.

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Alison has been with the Career Center since 2001.

Strengths: Adaptability, Empathy, Intellection, Responsibility, Restorative

Favorite K-State tradition: The family atmosphere.

Jodi SwendsonAdministrative Assistantjswend@k-state.edu785-532-1680

Jodi SwendsonJodi’s Bio

Jodi supports the assistant directors for the Colleges of Agriculture, Health and Human Sciences, and Vet Med.

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Jodi received her bachelor’s degree in Family Studies and Human Services from Kansas State University. She joined the Career Center team in 2015.

Strengths: Adaptability, Empathy, Ideation, Input, Positivity

Favorite K-State tradition: Doing the Wabash at K-State games!

Alpha List
Mary Ellen BarkleyAssistant Directormebark@k-state.edu785-532-1680
Anne DeLucaAssistant Directorajdeluca@k-state.edu785-532-1685
Mary EwingDirector's Assistantmewing@k-state.edu785-532-1691
Sammie HillstockProject Managershillstock@k-state.edu785-532-3450
Pat HudginsAssociate Directorphudgins@k-state.edu785-532-6508
Kerri KellerExecutive Directorkdkeller@k-state.edu785-532-1691
Andrew KohlsAssistant Directorandrewkohls@ksu.edu785-532-1669
Jaci KolmAssistant Directorjlkolm@k-state.edu785-532-1680
Jared MeitlerSenior Assistant Directorjmeitler@k-state.edu785-532-6506
Ashley MotleyAssistant Directorakmotley@k-state.edu785-532-1685
Debbie OwensOn-Campus Interview Coordinatordowens@k-state.edu785-532-1681
Val RubioEmployer Relations Associatevrubio@k-state.edu785-532-6956
Robert J. SandersAdministrative Assistant rjsanders@k-state.edu 785-532-1685
Alison SotkovskiAdministrative Assistantalison@k-state.edu785-532-6508
Jodi SwendsonAdministrative Assistantjswend@k-state.edu
Anthony YbarraAssistant Directoranthonyy@k-state.edu785-532-6508

Student Staff

Alexis Abadayan, Career Specialist; Major: Fine Arts

Adrina Beltran, Career Specialist; Major: Human Development and Family Science

Chris Blegan, Student Office Assistant; Major: Animal Sciences and Industry

Mary Carr, Paraprofessional; Major: Business Administration Pre-professional

Connor Fulk, Career Specialist; Major: Accounting

Emma Hahn, Career Specialist; Major: Personal Financial Planning

Erin Henderson, Paraprofessional; Major: Computer Science

Tori Mitchell, Career Specialist; Major: Secondary Education

Jonah Montgomery, Career Specialist; Major: Marketing 

Kevin Munoz-Hernandez, Career Specialist; Major: Finance

Merani Rivarola-Gragg, Career Specialist; Major: Family Studies & Human Services

Regan Roth, Paraprofessional; Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Janae Schulte, Career Specialist; Major: Human Development and Family Science

Bailey Winkel, Career Specialist; Major: Finance