Sherry D Fleming, Ph.D.
Ancillary Professor

Sherry D Fleming, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Office: 18A Ackert Hall
Phone: 785-532-6130
Fax: 785-532-6653
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B.S. 1989, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
Ph.D. 1998, University of Colorado Health Science Center, Denver, CO

Areas of Specialty

  • Innate Immunity
  • Autoimmunity
  • Natural Antibodies
  • Ischemia-reperfusion injury

Selected Publications

Slone, EA., and Fleming, SD. (2014) "Membrane Lipid Interactions in Intestinal Ischemia/reperfusion-induced Injury" Clin. Immunol. 153:228-240.

Slone, EA., Pope, MR., Roth M., Welti, R., and Fleming SD. (2012) "TLR9 is indispensible for ischemia-reperfusion induced damag" Am J Clin Exp Immunol. 1:124-135.

Pope, MR., Bukovnik, U., Tomich, JM., and Fleming, SD. (2012) "Small β2-glycoprotein I peptides protect from intestinal ischemia reperfusion injury" J Immunol 189:5047-56.

Shishido, SN., Varahan, S,. Yuan, K., Li, X., and Fleming, SD.. (2012) "Humoral innate immune response and disease" Clinical Immunology. 144:142-158.

Tomasi, M., Hiromasa, Y., Pope, MR., Gundlaur, S., Tomich, JM., and Fleming, SD. (2012) "Human β2-glycoprotein I attenuates mouse intestinal ischemia/reperfusion induced injury and inflammation" Mol. Immunol. 52:207-216.

Woods, KM., Pope, MR., Hoffman, SM., and Fleming, SD. (2011) "CR2+ marginal zone B cell production of pathogenic natural antibodies is CR2 dependent but C3 independent" J. Immunol. 186:1755-62.

Hoffman, SM., Wang, H., Pope, MR., and Fleming, SD., (2011) "Helicobacter infection alters MyD88 and Trif signaling in response to intestinal ischemia/reperfusion" Exp. Physiology 96:104-13. (Microphotograph on cover)

Hylton, DJ., Hoffman, SM.,Van Rooijen, N., Tomlinson, S., and Fleming, SD. (2011) "Macrophage-produced IL-12 mediates hemorrhage-induced damage in a complement-dependent manner" Shock 35: 134-140.

Sherry D. Fleming, Mike Pope, Sara Hoffman, Tiffany Moses, Urska Bukovnik, John M. Tomich, Lynn Wagner, and Keith Woods. (2010) "Domain V peptides inhibit β2-glycoprotein I mediated mesenteric ischemia/reperfusion-induced tissue damage and inflammation" J. Immunol 185: 6168-78.

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