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Assessment of Student Learning

Office of Assessment
Kansas State University
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2013-14 Senior Survey

Key Findings from the 2013-2014 Manhattan campus administration
  • 97% of respondents reported that they had a very positive (65%) or positive (32%) experience at K-State.
  • 97% of respondents indicated that they definitely (77%) or probably (20%) would recommend K-State to others.
  • 91% of respondents will begin employment (71%) or attend graduate school (20%) upon graduation.
  • At least 93% of respondents felt that they made some or very much progress in:
    • ability to interact positively with people who are different from themselves,
    • gaining a broad general education about different fields of knowledge,
    • ability to think critically (analytically and logically),
    • understanding the ethical standards of their discipline or profession,
    • understanding themselves - their abilities, interests, and personality,
    • understanding of other people and their abilities, and the
    • ability to participate as a team member.
Infographics for Selected Results


Survey Information

  • The Senior Survey is designed to give undergraduate students the opportunity to reflect upon their K-State experiences. This information is used to improve the college experience for future students by identifying strengths in our programs as well as areas that need further development.  The survey includes issues relating to satisfaction with K-State regarding academic programs, intellectual and personal growth, student services, and preparation for a career or a graduate/professional school.
  • The survey is offered electronically (through Qualtrics) to seniors who have been cleared for graduation by their respective colleges.
  • During the 2013-2014 academic year, the Office of Assessment offered the Senior Survey to 3,643 graduating seniors, of which 2,022 took part in the survey. The university response rate (number who started the survey) was 56%.  The university survey completion rate (completions / responses) was 89%.
  • Responses from the "Plans After Graduation" question has been used for the "Future Plans of Bachelor's Degree Recipients" question on the VSA College Portrait.  K-State's College Portrait may be viewed athttp://www.collegeportraits.org/KS/K-State.


  • A copy of the most recent edition of the K-State Senior Survey may be viewed here (last updated Fall 2013).


Past Senior Surveys