GTA Communication Survey

To help to ensure that all Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) have sufficient communication skills to be effective in the classroom or lab, we administer a survey to the students in their class(es) early in their first semester of teaching. Each semester, communication skills are assessed for all GTAs who are teaching a course or a lab at K-State for the first time as the primary instructor or who have significant interaction with students.

The Office of Assessment began coordinating the GTA Communication Survey in the Fall of 2003. The GTA Communication Survey process includes connecting departments with the K-State Teaching and Learning Center to make opportunities available for GTAs to strengthen communication skills that are identified as needing improvement.

Survey Information

The GTA Communication Survey is designed to assess student perceptions of each GTA's communication abilities. To provide the highest quality of instruction, Kansas State University surveys the students of all GTAs who are teaching for the first time at the university.

The GTA Communication Survey was developed to provide GTAs with important feedback on their classroom communication skills. A summary report of the survey results are provided to each GTA and to the department head/GTA coordinator. If the GTA's results indicate "adequate," "good," or "superior" ratings, the GTA can have confidence in his or her basic communication skills.

If the GTA is identified as having one or more areas of "serious concern", he or she will receive information on ways to improve communication skills. In addition, if the GTA is identified as having two or more areas of "serious concern," the Office of Assessment will request that a subsequent communication survey be scheduled approximately three weeks after the summary report is sent.

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