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Weber Arena Archive

June 13, 2024

As the Animal Sciences and Industry department looks forward to future of renovations to Weber and Call Hall, the new Bilbrey Family Event Center and the new Global Center for Grain and Food Innovation, remembering the rich history and personal experiences with these facilities is important. Before demolition began on Weber Arena, K-State's facilities fully archived the facility, which includes a virtual walkthrough and drone aerial photography for legacy purposes.

Weber Arena was constructed as a part of Weber Hall in 1955, named in honor of Dr. A. D. Weber. At that time, Dr. Rufus F. Cox, department head of Animal Husbandry (now Animal Sciences and Industry), stated that the building was unique - it was the only one in the country that housed a complete animal husbandry department.

Explore the virtual walkthrough, videos and photography below capturing Weber Arena before demolition.

Virtual Walkthrough

weber arena walkthrough

Click Here for the Virtual Walkthrough of Weber Arena

Video Aerial Footage

Gallery of Aerial Shots

west weber arena south weber arena east weber arena north weber arena


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