Your return on investment

The value of higher education is undeniable

It's no secret that education is an investment, both of time and financial resources. And as with any investment, it's natural to wonder: Is it worth it?

More often than not, when trying to answer this question, we spend all of our time focusing on the short-term return on our investment, but that is only part of the story. Earning a college degree has long-term benefits that pay dividends over your entire lifetime. You're not only preparing yourself to land that first job, but you're also contributing to your long-term career aspirations, health and well-being.

The Value of an Education


Higher education stats

By 2020, more than two-thirds of all jobs in Kansas will require education beyond high school.
Lifetime earnings are as high as $1 million more for college and advanced degree holders.
Average annual retirement income is more than 4 times higher for college graduates than high school graduates.
On average, people with a bachelor’s degree earn $461 more per week than those with a high school diploma.
Unemployment rate for individuals with a bachelor’s degree is 2.5 percent, while it is 4.6 percent for those with a high school diploma.
Nearly 9 of every 10 adults lifted above the poverty line through government programs (12.2 million adults) are people lacking a college degree.
College graduates require less public assistance and donate more to charities.
Higher education develops leaders and entrepreneurs who create jobs and support communities.


Data sources: National Association of College and University Business Officers, Lumina Foundation, Kansas Board of Regents.

It is one of the best investments you can make

Attending college teaches you how to think, not what to think. While you'll gain knowledge in your field(s) of interest, the most important skills you will gain are:

  • critical thinking
  • problem solving
  • relationship building
  • how to present yourself professionally
  • how to intelligently and thoughtfully discuss issues with people of varying opinions and backgrounds

As technology and jobs change and evolve, these skills make a person marketable for their entire life. Pursuing an education sets you up for future success!