Note Taking Services


Having access to quality notes is an essential component to the learning process. All students are encouraged to take an active role in their lecture classes by taking notes. However, handwriting notes presents a barrier for some students for a variety of reasons. When this is the case, the student may need to request note taking services. To be eligible for note taking services, a student needs to register with Student Access Center and provide documentation that supports a note taking services accommodation.

There are three accommodations that fall under note taking services:

  • PowerPoint slides in advance
  • Use of electronic device for lecture (audio record lecture)
  • Peer note taker

Faculty Information: Note Taking Accommodation

  • Follow the accommodations stated in the letter of accommodation from SAC for students with disabilities
  • Discuss the accommodation(s) with the student
  • It is important to always keep the name of the student requesting services confidential
  • If the accommodation is for peer note taker, identify a volunteer in a timely manner
  • Contact SAC if you are unable to find a peer note taker within the first week
  • To recruit a volunteer:
    • First, try making an announcement in class. For instance, you could say, "We are in need of a volunteer note taker for this class. This is an important service that you can provide to a fellow K-State student. If you take good notes and are willing to share them, please let me know. Volunteer note takers can receive a certificate for volunteer hours from the Student Access Center."
    • Send out an email or Canvas announcement to the class similar to the statement above.
    • Lastly, it may be necessary to approach a student who attends class regularly and appears to take organized notes and ask them if they would be willing to volunteer.

Student Receiving Note Taking Services

  • Request your letters of accommodation early in the semester
  • You may ask your access advisor if you would like to remain anonymous to the notetaker
  • Let your access advisor know if your instructor is having a difficult time recruiting a note taker
  • Contact your access advisor if you no longer need a note taker
  • Notes and/or recordings provided are for personal study use only

Note Taker Information

  • A peer note taker is expected to provide typed or legible handwritten notes
  • It is important to attend class regularly; if you are unable to attend class, it is your responsibility to obtain the missed notes
  • Title each set of notes using the following format: AGRON 123 (8/23/2021)
  • If you use abbreviations, provide a legend
  • Peer note takers are eligible for volunteer hours by contacting Student Access Center, at the end of the semester
  • To improve your note taking skills, visit the Academic Achievement Center
  • Contact if you are no longer able to continue as a peer note taker