JED Campus

To help us create a healthier and safer university, we've partnered with the JED Foundation, which operates the JED Campus initiative to assess current university programs and look for ways to enhance a school's mental health and suicide prevention systems, programs and policies.

The initiative is a multiyear strategic collaborative that will create positive, lasting and systemic change in K-State's community. A task force consisting of faculty, staff and students will work with our JED Foundation contact in helping us move this campus wide initiative forward.

Team Members

  • Tamara Bauer, Instructor, Staley School of Leadership
  • Alexander Becnel, Assistant Professor, Special Education, Counseling & Student Affairs
  • Jessica Ramirez, Student Health and Well-being Director, Student Governing Association
  • Debra Bolton, Director, Intercultural Learning & Academic Success, DMSA
  • Chris Bowman, Director, Morrison Family Center for Student Well-being
  • Jessica Brooks, K-State Police
  • Mirta Chavez, Assistant Vice President for Student Belonging and Inclusion
  • Jason Coleman, Associate Professor, Hale Library
  • Amanda DeBlauw, Testing Specialist, Global Campus
  • Erin Good, Associate General Counsel
  • Cheryl Grice, Community Affairs Coordinator, DCM
  • Ron Grice, Chief, K-State Police
  • Brandon Haddock, Coordinator, Spectrum Center
  • Skyler Harper, Associate Director, Housing & Dining Services
  • Kathleen Hatch, Morrison Family Associate Vice President for Student Well-being
  • Derek Jackson, Associate Vice President for Community Building
  • Shawna Jordan, Assistant Dean, Health and Human Sciences
  • Jodi Kaus, Director, Powercat Financial
  • Jessica Lane, Assistant Professor, Special Education, Counseling & Student Affairs
  • Thomas Lane, Vice President for Academic Success and Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Megan Maransani, Assistant Director, Marketing and Well-Being, Recreational Services
  • Jason Maseberg Tomlinson, Director, Student Access Center
  • Jennifer Miller, Director, Bachelor of Science in Public Health
  • Megan Miller, Graduate Student Success Manager, Graduate School
  • Slava Prokhorets, Graduate Student Representative
  • Colleen Rittmann, Executive Assistant, VP for Academic Success and Student Affairs
  • Ryan Staley, Co-Associate Director, Lafene CAPS
  • Andy Thompson, Senior Associate Dean and Assistant Vice President of Student Support and Accountability
  • Glade Topham, Associate Professor, Couple & Family Therapy Program
  • Anne Weese, Director of Mental Wellness, Sports Psychologist, Athletics


Alcohol/Drug Education & Action - Chris Bowman

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging - Vacant

Other - Kathleen Hatch

Policy/Procedures - Brandon Haddock & Andy Thompson