JED Campus action steps

Rubric Value

  • In Progress 1 = initial steps taken
  • In Progress 2 = more substantial progress completed

Data Gathering and Utilization Workgroup

Action Step Description Rubric Value
Collect data on student utilization and incidents on campus related to mental health/substance misuse In Progress 2
Annually analyze data that is collected by demographic group to inform strategic planning Completed
Share/utilize data analysis to inform current and future mental health and substance use initiatives In Progress 2
Evaluate the staff to student ratio to adequately address the clinical needs of students Completed
Conduct an annual campus environmental scan to identify and mitigate access to lethal means Not Started

Marketing and Outreach Workgroup

Action Step Description Rubric Value
Implement campus wide educational campaigns that promote shared responsibility for student emotional well-being Completed
Ensure your JED Campus team has representation from diverse stakeholders across campus Completed
Ensure the campus community is aware of the JED Campus strategic plan and the work of the task force Completed
Implement campaigns to educate the campus community about the links between physical and emotional health and academic success Completed
Direct message new incoming students who self-identify with mental health and/or substance use history about services and resources on campus prior to arrival N/A
Educate families of incoming students regarding mental health and substance use resources and services on campus In Progress 2
Provide and publicize screening tools for depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders on the counseling and/or health education websites Completed
Ensure that counseling and health center websites are easily accessible for students Completed
Cross reference/link counseling center, health services and health education websites Completed
Implement campaigns/programs to encourage help-seeking by de-stigmatizing mental health and substance misuse problems on campus In Progress 2
Utilize online resources from other organizations to enhance wellness messaging Completed
Develop or refine resources to educate students and families in making informed decisions when choosing a health insurance plan In Progress 1
Ensure that all leave policies are transparent and easily accessible to the campus community In Progress 2
Implement action steps to encourage utilization of health services by students of diverse and underserved backgrounds In Progress 2
Implement strategically timed messaging campaigns to remind students about the risks and consequences of substance use/misuse In Progress 2
Implement messaging campaigns designed to educate students about the risks and dangers of opiate misuse, including the effects with other substances In Progress 1
Promote information about how to report/get help for an emergency for both daytime and after-hours Completed

Policies and Procedures Workgroup

Action Step Description Rubric Value
Develop hiring practices that promote the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff In Progress 1
Request all new incoming students to submit a comprehensive medical history form including mental health and substance use history Completed
Implement standardized screenings for substance use/misuse and common mental health problems by health service clinicians at primary care visits. Completed
Develop/refine a protocol for reporting students of concern Completed
Research the feasibility of offering a college-sponsored health insurance policy Completed
Facilitate access to a health insurance policy that has coverage for mental health Completed
Require health insurance for all full time students Completed
Facilitate access to a health insurance policy that has coverage for substance use and misuse N/A
Develop/refine a written medical leave of absence policy that is consistent with JED Campus recommendations In Progress 2
Develop/refine a written mandatory leave of absence policy that is consistent with JED Campus recommendations In Progress 1
Develop/refine a written return from leave protocol that is consistent with JED Campus recommendations In Progress 2
Establish a central office to administer all leaves In Progress 1
Offer a tuition insurance policy Completed
Develop or enhance clinical services for mental health and substance misuse In Progress 2
Ensure access to psychiatric medication management (on or off campus) when indicated Completed
Establish a system for coordination of care for shared patients between relevant campus service providers Completed
Coordinate care with off-campus services Completed
Train primary health care providers on campus to assess, treat, and refer if needed for basic mental health and substance misuse concerns Completed
Offer clinical services outside of typical "business hours" Completed
Develop or refine a triage system in the counseling center for those in serious/urgent need of care Completed
Implement Action Steps to limit wait lists/wait times Completed
Provide resources to manage after-hours care/emergency situations Completed
Develop or refine MOUs with local services Not Started
Develop/refine a policy on alcohol and other drugs that is consistent with JED Campus recommendations In Progress 1
Avail emergency Naloxone to first responders and doses to those at risk for overdose (as permitted by local law) Completed
Develop/refine a "medical amnesty" policy that is consistent with JED Campus recommendations Completed
Develop/refine protocols for responding to alcohol and drug overdoses that are consistent with JED Campus recommendations In Progress 1
Publish all alcohol and other drug policies Completed
Develop/refine policies and protocols that ensure safe and effective prescription of opiates, tranquilizers (benzodiazepines and sleep medicines) and stimulants by including federal guidelines and expectations for prescribers/clinicians and students around medication management Completed
Develop or refine postvention protocol to be consistent with the HEMHA guide N/A
Ensure postvention protocol is easily accessible to relevant campus constituents N/A
Ensure that postvention protocol is periodically reviewed by relevant campus constituents in order to refresh everyone's understanding of their role N/A
Develop "At Risk" or "Behavioral Intervention" Team to collect and respond to reports of students of concern Completed
Develop 24/7 crisis phone (and/or chat line) through campus resources or local/national services Completed
Implement a case management system to help assure clinical follow up and continuity of care for students of concern Completed
Develop/refine a family notification policy to be used in emergency situations Completed
Develop and implement a protocol and process for responding to violations of the campus' non-discrimination policy In Progress 1
Implement protocols for controlling toxic substances found in laboratories, which includes tracking and monitoring of materials Completed

Programs Workgroup

Action Step Description Rubric Value
Offer or enhance programming and/or groups Completed
Offer or enhance programming and/or services targeting academic skills Completed
Offer or enhance comprehensive programming on the effects of lifestyles choices on wellness (e.g. adequate sleep, exercise, nutrition, etc.) Completed
Establish defined spaces in student unions and/or other public areas for student groups to meet Completed
Develop peer mentoring programs Completed
Offer or enhance programs, activities, and campaigns that promote connections to community-based, cultural, religious or national groups Completed
Offer or enhance programs, activities, and campaigns to promote diversity and inclusiveness on campus. In Progress 1
Develop proactive Action Steps to help identify disconnected/isolated students Completed
Develop or enhance programs and activities to promote inclusion of disconnected/isolated students on campus Completed
Implement screening/wellness days focused on substance use and common mental health issues on a regular basis In Progress 2
Develop, expand, or strengthen gatekeeper-training program for relevant campus faculty and staff in identifying, reaching out to, and referring students who may be struggling Completed
Train students to identify, reach out to, and refer their friends/peers who may be struggling with mental health or substance issues Completed
Develop or enhance peer support programs Completed
Provide counseling services in alternative locations on campus Completed
Establish or expand recovery community and/or support programs on campus Not Started
Provide programs at orientation to educate new students about school policies regarding substance use Completed
Implement drug collection/drug return programs for prescription medications on campus Completed