Community of Connection Project

The Community of Connection Project has harnessed a searchable database of opportunities across the university that are intentionally intended for students from historically underrepresented groups. The Community of Connection Project emerged from the Action Plan for a More Inclusive K-State Group 4, which aims to increase student retention and graduation rates for students of color. Additional resources are also available through Org Central.

The campus community is also invited to help us improve upon this database by adding any missing resources using our online form.

Using the database

Students, faculty, staff, and advisors are able to access the database. Users may narrow down their search for opportunities by audience, category, and/or identities.

Audiences: the enrollment status that the opportunity is intended for
Prospective Students Undergraduate Students Graduate Students
Faculty Staff Extension
Identities: the racial and/or ethnic idenities that the opportunity to intended for
African-American/Black American Indian/Alaska Native Asian
First-Generation Hawiian/Pacific Islander Hispanic/Latinx
Multi-Racial Pell-Eligible White
Categories: the theme or purpose of the opportunity
College Readiness & Preparation Orientation & Transition to College Life Academic Support & Enrichment
Community & Social Identity Development Health & Well-Being
Financial Career & Graduate School preparation

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Additional Resources

K-State offers many student organizations that are not listed in this database. Please visit Org Central to access these resources.