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Education Abroad

International Exchange Student Spotlight

Jennifer Olatunji

Home University and Country: University College Dublin, Ireland

Major: Food Science

Year at K-State: Junior

When deciding to study abroad, how did you decide to come to K-State rather than another university?

I chose K-State for several reasons such as its reputable Food Science programme, the sports and for the true Mid-Western college experience. The college campus looked very picturesque on Google and it is even more stunning in reality.

What sort of activities or projects are you doing outside of your classes? Describe what you do with this. How did you go about finding it?

I enrolled in a Basic Language Training in Conversational Spanish, it was offered by the International Student Centre. We met twice a week in the evenings and we could talk about anything and everything. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet students as well as faculty while brushing up on my language skills.

I have a part-time job at the Kramer Dining Center. When I first arrived at K-State I sent the hiring manager my class schedule and she set a work schedule around my classes and extra curriculars. The job is very flexible and the majority of the workers are students and they were very down to earth. I met one of my good friends there who invited me to spend Thanksgiving with her and her family over the November break.

I went on a weekend alternative break with the Staley School of Leadership. We went to Iola, Kansas to volunteer with Thrive Allen County a rural community organization that works with local residents to learn how the host communities address pressing social issues in particular rural health. We spent the weekend with Allen County Community College students cleaning up homes as well as reconstructing their community baseball field.

 Jenny Inola

Myself and fellow K-state students volunteering in Iola, KS

I attended the Agriculture Future of America (AFA) Conference in Missouri as a Conference Scholar on behalf of K-State. AFA provides premiere personal and professional development programs to college students and young professionals throughout the United States. Throughout the 4-day Conference I was able to network with industry experts and students alike.

Jenny Conf.

Myself and other Agriculture Future of America Scholars in Kansas City Missouri

What did you think of the US upon arrival? Was it what you expected or were there any big surprises?

I had travelled around the East coast as well as the South however it was my first time in the Mid-West. A few days after arrival I realised that the weather is very unpredictable much like Ireland. Tornadoes are very common also eating biscuits and gravy are popular.

What is your favorite part about being a K-State student?

I love the positive college spirit, everything from wearing purple every day, attending the American football and basketball games to watching the marching band perform. There are a lot of clubs and amenities available free of charge such as the recreational centre and the pool, they even offer free tutoring.

 Jenny CC

Myself and a group from Conversation Café hiking at Tallgrass Priairie

Would you mind sharing a phrase or word from your home country and what it means?

 Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin. - There is no place like home!

 K-State is home away from home.

Jenny OZ

Myself and a few cast members from the Wizard of Oz at Purple Power play in the park (A pep rally for the start of the football season)