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Education Abroad

Consider the Cost of Attendance at KSU

Now that you understand how to budget for an education abroad experience, it is important to consider your current cost of attendance at K-State and how you pay for your expenses. 

Current Cost of Attending K-State

Cost of attendance at K-State varies for each student based on resident status, housing selection, number of credit hours, college fees, etc. When you are calculating your costs, it is important to consider everything that you spend money on in a semester including food, transportation, personal expenses, etc. Here is an example of a cost estimate for a Kansas resident vs. an out-of-state resident for one semester: 

Estimated Costs for One Semester at K-State (2018 - 2019)*

Tuition and Fees 
Tuition (15 hours) 
Kansas Resident ($312.50 per credit hour)$4,687.50
Out-of-State Resident ($829.30 per credit hour)$12,439.50
Student Services Fee$444.00
Traditional Double Room in the Residence Halls$2,540.00
All Access Meal Plan$2,395.00
Additional Costs 
Books and Supplies$550.00
Miscellaneous/Living Expenses$2,000.00
Kansas Resident$12,616.50
Out-of-State Resident$20,368.00
 *Estimated costs based on K-State Tuition and Fees for 2018-2019 academic year. 
Paying for your Expenses at K-State

Now that you have put together your own cost estimate for a semester at K-State, it is important to consider how you pay for these expenses such as financial aid (loans or grants), scholarships, working on or off campus, assistance from family members, etc. Once you put together this list of how you pay for your expenses, it is important to consider if these funds can be used for your education abroad experience. 

  • Financial Aid: Financial aid, including grants and loans, can be applied toward the cost of your education abroad program. In order to use financial aid for your education abroad experience, you should be enrolled as a full time student. More information about using financial aid for Education Abroad can be found here
  • Scholarships: Many scholarships  that you already receive can be applied to your education abroad program. However, there are some scholarships that have specific requirements (Ex: A scholarship that requires you to pay tuition to K-State). Check with whoever administers the scholarship to learn about these requirements. 
  • On or Off Campus Job: If you normally work on campus to help pay for your expenses at K-State, you will have to consider how this will be impacted while you are abroad. How much income will you lose out on while you are abroad? Will you be able to come back to your job if you leave for a summer/semester/week/etc.? 
  • Family Contribution/Other: Do you have a friend or relative who helps you pay your expenses at K-State? If so, would they be willing to pay your expenses if you participate in an Education Abroad program?