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Project Benefits

How will this benefit all students and the University as a whole?

  • This project will benefit the everyday needs of students by providing places to meet up with friends, meeting spaces with up-to-date technology, expanded retail options, and uploaded recreation options on the lower level.
  • It will provide a powerful first impression for campus visitors and prospective students during events such as Junior Days, Senior Days, and Orientation and Enrollment.
  • By upgrading the Union's event hosting capabilities, large organizations and corporations will once again utilize the Union as a place to host meetings and conventions.  Such events provide valuable revenue streams for the Union, which supplements revenue from student privilege fees.  Organizations and departments across campus will also benefit from upgraded event space.
  • Overall, the project will project a positive image for Kansas State University while providing a "campus living room" all K-Staters can be proud of.

What is the benefit of expanded student organization space?

  • This renovation and expansion will offer organizations across campus the opportunity to collaborate on projects and events.  This collaboration will benefit the entire University through stronger programming opportunities and foster a greater community feel among diverse groups of students.
  • All student groups will benefit from improved technology and meetings spaces dedicated solely for student use.

What student organizations are going to get office space?

  • Student organizations that are housed and currently have running offices in the Union will continue to have a permanent home in the "new" Union.  These organizations include the Office of Student Activities and Services (OSAS), Union Program Council, Multicultural Student Organizations, Wildcat 91.9, and Greek Affairs.  Expanded space for student organizations means that there may be an opportunity for additional organizations to gain new or expanded space.
  • ALL student organizations will have the ability to utilize meeting and work spaces, as wellas conference rooms, in the expanded student organization area.

The current Union layout is confusing.  Will the renovation help fix this?

  • Yes!  The project calls for "common sense" upgrades to make the Union easier to navigate.  This includes a central elevator serving all floors, relocation of restrooms so they are located together and easy to find, and a new southwest entrance that will provide easy access to all building levels. 


I will graduate before many of these changes will take place.  Why should I vote yes?

  • For decades, K-State students have "paid it forward" by supporting important projects that benefit future students.  Buildings we all enjoy today, including Hale Library, Bramlage Coliseum, and the Rec Complex, are available thanks to the support of past students.  Also keep in mind that the fee increase will not begin until the fall of 2014.

How long will students be paying this fee?

  • The $20/semester fee will begin in fall of 2014 and will be in effect for 30 years.  However, with continued funding cuts to higher education, it is possible that the fee will be re-purposed at that time.  As part of the privilege fee, students have full control over the future of this fee through Student Governing Association.

Why is it the student body's responsibility to pay for this project?

  • In 1938, students voted to pay an extra $5 each semester (equivalent to $80/semester today) to build the Student Union.  Since then, the Union has been funded by students, for students.  The Student Union is a separate entity fromt he University, and exists solely to serve the students of Kansas State University.

I'm a distance education student or take classes at K-State Salina.  Will this fee increase affect me?

  • No!  The proposed privilege fee increase begins in fall 2014, and applies to undergraduate students taking 9 or more credit hours on the Manhattan campus and graduate students taking 6 or more credit hours on the Manhattan campus. 


When will construction begin, and how long will it last?

  • If approved, the project will move forward immediately, with physical construction beginning as early as summer 2014.  Construction will happen in phases, and a timeline for completion will be based on the architect's final plans.

Won't the construction interrupt the school year and "flow" of the Union?

  • No, the project will not cause any major interruptions to the school year or daily flow of the Union.  The construction is planned to happen in phases.  Once construction is completed in one area they will move to the next, and the Union will stay operational throughout.

What will happen to the current Union retail and dining options?

  • All current Union retail will have the opportunity to stay - this means that your favorite dining options won't be forced out as part of the renovation.  Through surveys and focus groups, students will have a say in potential new retail and dining options. 
I have input on the design/layout of the "new" Student Union.  How can I let my voice be heard?
  • If the project is approved by students, an architect will be selected to design final plans for the renovation.  This means that the current floor plans/renderings could change.  Student input will be needed throughout that process!  Focus groups and surveys are just a few of the ways you will be able to share input on the "new" Union throughout 2013-2014 school year.  If you have input you'd like to share right now, send an email to yourunion@ksu.edu!


How do I vote, and what determine if the vote "passes?"

  • On April 10-11, go to sgaelections.ksu.edu and log in with your eID and password.  Click "yes," submit, and that's it!  Be sure to vote by 5:00 p.m. April 11.  A minimum of 60% of votes must be in favor for the project to pass.