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Women in the News


As teachers, leaders, mentors and friends, women of K-State make a difference! Here are a few recent highlights from women across K-State!


Future teacher receives prestigious multicultural scholarship, technology award

Mahkala Lackey, a junior in elementary education, is this year's recipient of a prestigious multicultural scholarship and technology award created for future teachers by K-State scholar Doris Wright Carroll.

Lackey is the 2017 recipient of the Doris Wright Carroll Multicultural Technology Award and the Lawrence G. Wright Scholarship, a fund created in honor of Carroll's father to celebrate his contributions to the field of diversity at Santa Fe Railroad. Carroll is an associate professor of special education, counseling and student affairs in the College of Education.

Lackey is anxious to experiment with her laptop and the ways technology can assist students with different learning styles, and she looks forward to leveraging her new skills upon graduation.

"I think technology can help in aiding different learning styles — auditory, visual and even kinesthetic — and I'm excited to see how educators use technology in the classroom," Lackey said. "After graduation, I really want to teach in inner city Kansas City."

Carroll was elated to learn her career plans.

"When I heard she had an interest in teaching in the inner city, I lit up because this is an audience who needs great talent," Carroll said. "Mahkala has this aura and passion, and I can see it. She is the ideal candidate for this scholarship and technology award."

Lackey is a second-generation Wildcat. Her mother, Kim Lackey, is a teacher for Manhattan High School's virtual academy, and her dad, Ron Lackey, is a worship pastor, and both graduated from K-State.

Carroll and her family created the Lawrence G. Wright Scholarship in 2002 and this award has been given to an undergraduate multicultural student every year since then. In 2011, Carroll enhanced the scholarship by establishing the Doris Wright Carroll Multicultural Technology Award, which provides the Lawrence G. Wright scholar with a new laptop to aid their academic pursuits.


Kansas State Polytechnic UAS senior lands back-to-back internships with NASA

Kendy Edmonds, a senior at the Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus, is expanding her collegiate experience to include back-to-back internships with the nation's best-known entity for space exploration.

Edmonds, Valley Falls, who is double majoring in unmanned aircraft systems, or UAS, flight and operations and UAS design and integration, was selected for a fall internship at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California, after completing a summer stint at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. She is using her aviation background to help NASA with mission planning, procedural development and components testing, all in an effort to integrate UAS into the National Airspace System, or NAS.

"My first internship with NASA was focused on the management of data collected from unmanned aircraft, and now I get to shift into UAS operations," said Edmonds, who started at Armstrong Flight Research Center on Sept. 6. "What is particularly fascinating to me about this opportunity is the exposure to larger UAS that I am receiving. In my classes at Kansas State Polytechnic, we primarily study and work with aircraft that are lighter than 55 pounds, so it's exciting to be gaining new hands-on experiences while adding to my depth of knowledge."

The principal project that Edmonds is a part of is called UAS-NAS Integration Test and Evaluation — a yearslong program aimed at successfully incorporating UAS, or drones, into national airspace with other aircraft. She has been performing operational planning for test flights and developing Beyond Visual Line of Sight procedures, which will be used as the standard for future unmanned experiments. Edmonds also will help expand the UAS-NAS Systems Integration Lab at Armstrong Flight Research Center that will verify and validate payload systems in forthcoming flight missions.

Along with studying both UAS degree options at Kansas State Polytechnic, Edmonds is a data processing assistant in the Applied Aviation Research Center on campus whose projects generally involve UAS. She also is a flight instructor for her underclassmen and has served as president of the UAS student club.

Edmonds will complete her internship at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center Dec. 22.


Management Professor Diane Swanson publishes book chapter on socially responsible leadership

Diane Swanson, professor of management, has published a chapter titled "The Restorative Potential of Discovery Leadership." She published this chapter this fall, by invitation, in the book "Radical Thoughts on Ethical Leadership," a volume in "Ethics in Practice."

The publishers of this volume assert that this book "provides contributions from established scholars with fresh perspectives on ethical leadership, including theoretical perspectives that are founded on unconventional approaches or radical outside the box ideas."

In this chapter, Swanson explores some perceptual dissociations common to the modern era and identifies their relevance to leadership for corporate social responsibility. Her thesis is that a myopic, dissociative mindset at the helm of corporate life has thwarted the potential for corporate social responsibility. As a remedy, she proposes the alternative of an associative mindset aimed at ameliorating the schisms of dissociation so that a sense of connectivity and shared participation that once marked human consciousness can be restored and harnessed in a quest for business to serve the greater good. 

This chapter was a precursor to Swanson's new book "CSR Discovery Leadership: Society, Science, and Shared Value Consciousness," published by Palgrave Macmillan and Springer, also in fall 2017.  



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