Balancing Personal and Professional Life Luncheon

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Alumni Center Ballroom
Lunch will be served
The Truth about Work/Life Balance: You Can't Afford Not To. Often, our calendars are full of non-essentials weighing us down with too little time for the "big rocks". Uncover your highest values and learn how to breathe life into what truly matters most and naturally and easily weave this into your day-to-day living.
Speaking to the Women of K-State is professional Life Coach, Tamie Rising. Tamie is a true optimist who is fiercely committed to rehumanizing and revolutionizing the culture of the individual mindset and the workplace. Her mission is to empower individuals, leaders and teams to be more creative, happy, innovative and authentic contributors to our businesses, within our families and on the planet.
An inspired change-agent, Tamie is a business accelerator, empowerment coach and speaker who offers inspiring and engaging seminars and trainings around the country. Her keen understanding of human behavior and ever-evolving business culture led her to develop innovative programs and emerge as a leader and teacher of the invisible side of success. Tamie's out-of-the-box teaching liberates clients to achieve new heights of success, meaning and aliveness.
Tamie is a certified coach through the LifeMastery Institute. She has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and has worked in some of the nation's most successful integrative healing and spiritual centers. She lives in Kansas City with her dog Gracie, and enjoys traveling, cycling, Pilates, yoga, digging in the dirt and spending time with her nieces and nephews. 

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We hope to see you all there!