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Women of K-State

Women of K-State
Office of the President
Kansas State University
110 Anderson Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

Diana McElwain

About Women of K-State

The initiative coordinates the efforts for the recruitment, retention and advancement of the women of K-State.

The group is represented by a tapestry: The vertical strands represent our different roles on campus such as future students, undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumnae and friends. The horizontal strands relate to the various groups we belong to such as women of color, single, dual career, with children, with aging relatives, sororities, athletes, military, early career, mid-career, late career and so on.

Together the strands make a tapestry -- The Women of K-State.

The strands are not very strong individually, but combined and interwoven to support one another they create a strong network.

Women of K-State Mission

The mission is to create a structure and support system that helps K-State provide a superlative environment for the growth and advancement of all women.

Women of K-State Vision

Kansas State University is the university of choice for women.

What is Women of K-State?

Women of K-State is a program led by a Leadership Committee built of faculty and staff from all three of our K-State campuses. These women meet once a month to organize events throughout the year. We host a variety of events from panels and speakers to athletic events and events focused on arts. We host different events every semester in hopes to build new relationships between women from all over campus. 

2017-2018 Leadership Committee

Allison Stratton
Amanda McDiffett
Amy Sellers
Amy Perry
Bente Janda
Charissa Powell
Cleopatra Magwaro
Cynthia Brott
Debbie Kirchhoff
Diana McElwain
Effie Swanson
Fran Willbrant
Heather Love
Jenny Walter
Jordan Kocher
Kiley Moody
Kim Ralston
Lotta Larson
Lou Benjamin
Marissa Edwards
Michelle Elkins
Michelle Toews
Ronette Gehring
Samantha Robert
Stephanie Bannister
Trina McCarty