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Cephus Scott

Cephus ScottCephus Scott ended his first college experience without a degree. But he wasn't finished.

As a student athlete at K-State, he found much success on the football field. The 1997 team he played for won the Fiesta Bowl. That was the only year he spent in college the first time around.

Later in life, Scott heard about K-State's Second Wind program, which helps former student athletes finish their degrees no matter where they live. Scott lived in Galveston, Texas, and was working as a nursing supervisor at a hospital. He knew he had to finish what he started.

"I felt like I owed the university, the teammates I played with and the people I met," Scott said. "I felt like I was cheating everyone there if I didn't go back."

In 2007, he earned a bachelor's degree in social science. His former coach, Bill Snyder, supported him the entire way. Snyder even called Scott to tell him how proud he was.

"It is one of my favorite memories of K-State," he said.

Because of his hard work and determination, Scott is not only a former K-State football player, but also a degree holder.

Perseverance is the Wildcat Way.