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Tell us how you live the Wildcat Way

Wildcats have a different way of doing things, and we're proud to share our stories. The way we make a difference is always changing, but one thing remains the same: we're driven to succeed and initiate positive change around us. 

Whether we're serving our communities, igniting cutting-edge research or developing our creative passions, Wildcats take on the world in big and small ways. We know you have a story, what's your Wildcat Way? 

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A few tips

  • Your Wildcat Way can be as simple as one digital photo and a paragraph of text about how you live the Wildcat Way.
  • Think of a personal or professional accomplishment, activity or experience that makes a difference. Maybe you coach youth sports, volunteer in your neighborhood or do work that helps others.
  • Connect your story to one or more of the Wildcat Way focuses
  • Include details about yourself. What is your profession? What did you study at K-State? Give us a sense of who you are. 
  • Proofread your story, and keep it short and sweet.