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Leading by example

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Kansas State University
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This fall, it hasn’t been unusual to see groups of K-State employees taking strolls through campus, perhaps checking a pedometer as they go. Many participated in the 2016 Movement Challenge, instituted by Human Capital Services. This total wellness journey challenged employees to boost their physical activity and mingle with the K-State family, and is just one example of the university prioritizing the well being of its faculty and staff.

This employee-focused approach is essential and intentional. K-State has long recognized that its employees are its greatest resource; these are the people who keep the university running smoothly and efficiently. As K-State works toward its goal of becoming a Top 50 public research university by 2025, faculty and staff will be crucial in fostering the success and creativity that will make the world take note.

Dedicated professionals keep campus safe and inviting, ground-breaking educators spark inspiration in students, and bold leaders constantly aim to upend the status quo. No matter the title or responsibility, thousands of employees work tirelessly each day to strengthen the K-State family.

K-State faculty and staff do more than show up to work each day — they turn their profession into passion.

That's the #WildcatWay.