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What is the Wildcat Way?

As Wildcats, we know we have a certain way of doing things. It may not always look the same, but the basic fact remains: Wherever we go, success and positive changes follow. With creative resourcefulness, perseverance to make a difference and the contagious enthusiasm of the Wildcat family, we take what we have learned to thrive in every field. 

“That’s the Wildcat Way.”

Take a look at a few of the stories that demonstrate the Wildcat Way.

It includes you!

We are incredibly proud of our current and past students, their accomplishments and achievements both big and small. We want everyone to hear your stories. That’s where you come in!

You can help us share the exciting news about what Wildcats all over the world are doing.

The principles of the Wildcat Way are:

  • As Wildcats, we know enthusiasm and passion are always vital to success, and we bring them to little and big tasks alike.
  • As Wildcats, we know that family matters most of all. We bring community-focused attitudes to everything we do.
  • As Wildcats, we pride ourselves on using all of our resources and strengths — educational, physical, mental and personality — to change our community, nation and world.
  • As Wildcats, we are unwavering in perseverance to accomplish the challenges set before us and those we set for ourselves.

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