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Human Capital Services

As we continue to advance our vision and faculty and staff goals for K-State 2025, strategic and transformative leadership is necessary. Effective July 1, 2014, the Division of Human Capital Services was established, consolidating and integrating the university-wide human resource functions and services offered in the Office of Academic Personnel, Office of Institutional Equity and Division of Human ResourcesThe elevated level of service that results is taking the development of our faculty and staff — K-State's greatest resource — to new heights.

The Division of Human Capital Services focuses on facilitating the recruitment, retention and development of a diverse, highly qualified and high-performing workforce. Human Capital Services is led by Cheryl Johnson, vice president for human capital, who reports to the president as a member of his cabinet. She is responsible for the ongoing development and implementation of innovative, progressive and responsive human capital structures and programs as a centralized and integrated entity at Kansas State University.

Above all else, the Division of Human Capital Services maximizes Kansas State University's ability to support the needs of all employees, including faculty, unclassified professionals, university support staff and students. In the coming months, more details will become available as Human Capital Services transitions from a plan to reality. Explore this site to find updates on the division, its services, contact information and more, as well as links to other key university initiatives currently underway to advance faculty and staff at Kansas State University.


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