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K-State Today Student Edition

September 4, 2012

Graduate students: Electronic thesis, dissertation or report consultants available to speak at meetings

By Marty Courtois

Does your department have a weekly seminar for graduate students? Does your graduate student association have regular meetings? If so, plan to invite an ETDR consultant to one of your meetings to review the best ways to use Microsoft Word to format your electronic thesis, dissertation or report, or ETDR

Word is a frustrating program to use, particularly for long documents like dissertations and theses. Staff from the Information Technology Assistance Center, or iTAC, are available to visit departmental graduate-student meetings and illustrate tools and techniques that will save time and effort.

These sessions take about an hour and students are welcome to follow along on their laptops. Contact Marty Courtois at 785-532-4428 or courtois@k-state.edu to schedule a session.