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K-State Today

September 19, 2011

Biology professor publishes edited book on grouse biology

By Brett K. Sandercock

Front Cover of Grouse Book

Brett Sandercock, associate professor of biology, and colleagues at the University of British Columbia and the University of Freiburg in Germany, have published a new, edited book, "Ecology, Conservation and Management of Grouse."

Grouse are an ecologically important group of birds that include capercaillie, prairie chickens and ptarmigan, and these species are distributed throughout the forests, grasslands and tundra of the northern hemisphere. Today, many grouse populations are in decline, and conservation and management of these charismatic birds is becoming a global concern.

The edited volume presents new data on grouse biology in 25 chapters contributed by 80 research scientists from around the world. The contributed chapters are organized in four main sections: spatial ecology, habitat relationships, population biology, and conservation and management. The field projects utilize a suite of new tools that characterize modern field ecology, including biogeochemistry, molecular genetics, endocrinology, radio-telemetry and remote sensing. The University of California Press published the edited volume as part of the Studies in Avian Biology series of the Cooper Ornithological Society. More information on the book is available here.